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  • nbelyh


    It is so damn frustrating. I am wondering who could possibly be the target audience of this editor? Or like in the infamous “Futurama” series, “there is no target audience! Only targets…!” (evil laugh follows). Making a default is a joke. Dear wordpress guys, please, please remove that thing. We are not quite in the Idiocracy epoch yet. Now the #1 trending plugin is a plugin that simply disables this nonsense.

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  • Hi nbelyh

    Could you please describe what makes Gutenberg frustrating for you to use?

    Thanks a lot

    Hi Michael,

    Here are the points I didn’t like about the editor:
    – “block editing” concept in general works for site builders like SquareSpace, WiX, etc. This was the inspiration, as of my understanding.. For a more complex scenarios, these primitive blocks become nightmare, because site design in this case is dictated by theme, and trying to mess with theme using blocks ends in a broken site..
    – I understand the block editor may be good for mobile usage; but I don’t really believe that anybody in sane set of mind would go and start building a website using a mobile device.
    – The blocks sparse design simply occupies way too much space (probably because of mobile), not leaving anything for the content..
    – keyboard support is quite poor.
    – user interface when most of blocks types are hidden, and you have to look for them.
    – many extensions and themes that provide plug-ins for the classic editor are broken.

    I would really appreciated if you provided this editor as a (non-default) option. But forcing all existing users to this hipster’s toy.. Well, I can’t support that.

    Kind regards

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    “Word”press, not “block”press its also simple than that… As publisher we want publish blog post easyly, not have to think where iwill put my block and which text inside each time i wrote 2 sentence.

    It take more time to do and also far better page builder exists.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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