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  • Since ‘we’ are not allowed to post anything about the Google/Link thingy – please point me to an URL, forum or whatever where I can participate in this.

    This is a VERY bad way to handle this. VERY bad.

    Reminds too much of old politbüro tactics. I also find the whole ‘Matt is out of the country’ story a lame excuse. I guess we here in Europe have no internet, no internet cafes and don’t allow strangers to use our PCs?

    No press release. No statement on the dev blog. No word on the homepage. Threads like this one get deleted/closed (talking to you podz).

    If you want to form a community and make it grow – then let is also share the tough stuff. If there is a problem – you get flamed one way or the other. BUT DO STAND UP TO IT.

    As bloggers we all know that you can’t contain such a thing – it spreads like fire (and you even developed the software for it). So let’s be real bloggers, bitch, rant, flame and blame it out.

    Earn your respects by being open about it – not by stonewalling.


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  • here here! id prefer some sort of statement, but if hes out of te country, hes out of the country.


    When I saw this on waxy, metafilter and now slashdot I kept checking back here for official comment. With all the slagging of Matt and WP going on I figured it was only reasonable to hold off on adding to the noise until both sides were heard.

    Well, it’s been twenty-four hours or so and last I checked they had the internets (at least one of them) in Europe. This is a big deal and it’s not going away, no matter how many forum threads get disappeared.

    WTF are you talking about?

    idbehold: here.

    100,000 hidden articles here?

    Are you out of your mind?

    Have all WP users simply been used as shills?

    Thanks for taking advantage… I’m posting a disclaimer on my site and looking for an alternative to ‘wp’, which now means ‘wicked promotion’.

    @kmtcn: – excellent one. 😉

    People are reacting way too harshly at this, failing to understand, or even think about the ‘real’ world. Give him the benefit of the doubt. Don’t knee-jerk, don’t make a straw man out of your opponent. And realize that this is not a utopian world.

    If this bothers you, or if you care in the slightest way at all, goto the Donate page and send something to WP.

    Open Source is only as good as its community. So help build a good thriving community.

    I agree about being open about it. I would love to discuss with whomever made the decision to hide the stuff why they made that decision.

    However… Lets remember that the product itself is awesome. And just because some one does something that does not agree with you, does not somehow “taint” the product.

    The current rants and raves are like criticizing all hammers cause the inventor killed one with it. Sill arguments. I know, I know, a little dramatic.

    Lets talk about it. The software is open source after all. Matt, podz, and everyone else have put blood sweat and tears into writing it. But it does not belong to them. It belongs to all of us. If this all goes south, we can keep the ap going.

    So, lets argue about the decisions that were made. What is up with that? However, at the end of the day, WordPress rocks. And it belongs to all of us.

    Jonas is accepting flames in his comments if you want to join in over there.

    Matt is on vacation and is the only person who can comment on the matter. I’m sure he’ll post about it once he finds out. He might even open comments on the post so that everyone can vent their spleen.

    @rgalgon: I donated 50$ of my hard earned money after 1.5 was released. I don’t have much free time – but I spent some already in the support forum as well – although I am not very good in solving technical problems.

    Does ‘the benefit of doubt’ include patience?

    As any blogger knows ‘news travells fast in the blogosphere’. So the drivers in the seat of should not wait for the crash – it already happened.

    Plus: so far I haven’t called for anyones head or something. All I want is some answers – and a plattform to talk about it.

    @ryan: Excellent suggestion – but the problem is HERE, so we should be able to talk here. Right?!

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven


    orangeguru, the comment section of Jonas’ post would be a more appropriate place to ask for heads, but if you want to speculate and call for heads here, go for it. The attempts by our support mavens to prevent the support forums from devolving into a chat room are admirable, but sometimes one must capitulate to the human need to speculate out of ignorance.

    I have every confidence that the response of the vast majority of WP users to this issue is going to be considered, measured, and restrained. As it should be.

    @ryan: Please calm down. Asking questions is not ignorance. It’s a support call/posting to get my puny human self up to date – and get some plattform to bond/talk/whatever with my fellow WP’s.

    Is talking about this so off topic, dangerous or obnoxious that it has to be moderated?!

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