• The good:
    The plugin installed easily and in a general sense is easy to use. I like the ability to easily review submission data.

    The bad & Ugly:
    The html code generated is some of the poorest I have seen using nested table upon nested table, instead of proper span and div coding.

    I have also had major issues with the css not working in my template, so the generated form look nothing like the preview and after spending hours trying to figure it out am on the verge of simply uninstalling it.

    The limit of 4 fields (not 5 since the submit button is required and counted in the limit) is simply too restrictive to be able to even test the plugin properly.

    I have also ben unable to find a lot of documentation or support to remedy any questions I have (fix css, remove extra ‘br’ in table which is throwing off the form with lot of extra white space, how to get form in french or better yet bilingual, etc…)

    I had issue when reordering fields where it would move around numerous fields (not just the one a clicked on). Thus forcing me to rework multiple fields until I got it right?! Strange bug or something.

    Hidden field data does not get sent in e-mail upon submission.

    Unable to get javascript to add a value to a hidden field (Date/time stamp and also a submission hash number).

    For a simple form it is probably all you’d need, but for advanced forms, and customizations, I think the plugin still needs a lot of maturing!

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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