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  • I am a new blogger that has launch a wordpress powered site (with a few customizations in the form of a template and other features) that I would greatly appreciate any and all feedback the wordpress community has to offer.

    The site is

    I’m interested to know what you think about the design, layout, and features (the review features). Certainly, if there are any video game enthusiasts out there I would be interested in your thoughts on the concept (see the about page) and content.


    The Chairman

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  • Simple and clean–I like the look very much. Great job. 🙂

    ^^^ Thank you for the feedback.^^^

    It is weird because I have received a sizable amount of traffic to the site from this post, but only one person provided any feedback. I am genuinely interested in hearing people’s likes and dislikes. I hope some others will post a reply. Thanks again alisha04 and thanks in advance to anyone else who replies.

    Just my opinion…


    • The colors. Grays were such ’04. Browns are ’05!


    • Layout isn’t centered.
    • The crosses to the left of the sidebar headings make me want to click on them, as they look like they will expand/contract a list below.
    • Hnav (ie., Home and About links) looks out-of-place. Either add some meaningful links to it, or get rid of it altogether.
    • Hnav isn’t vertically centered between divider line and header image.
    • Divider line and border lines in sidebar appear dashed in IE and solid in Firefox. They look better as solid.
    • There’s a big gap above your header image in IE, whereas it isn’t there in Firefox. It looks better without the gap.
    • A vertical overflow scrollbar shows in comment field in IE.
    • The whole layout is busted in IE 5.0, if you care about that (only has 4.2 percent marketshare).

    That’s some thorough feedback – I greatly appreciate the time you took to document and share all this pezastic. Thank you!

    I checked it out in IE 5.0 and yeah, css issues. The cross feedback is really interesting, I love usability feedback like that. The intention was to carry the image of the “D-pad” of a video game controller that is in the header graphic through the site as a consistent design element, however your experience makes a ton of sense. I’ll have to think about that one (as well as the others).

    Actually, I like that the layout isn’t centered. The left alignment gives the page a different look than most website designs.

    As a fellow gamer I think your content is magnificent.

    The site has a nice look to it; I generally like dark weblogs when they are done tastefully (despite the fact that most people hate them for some reason).

    Excellent job! If you ever think of making it a colaborative effort, let me know. I also write about videogames although not in as much detail as you do.

    I play a lot though (PS2, xbox, GC, etc).

    Thank you alpha for both your compliments and feedback. I checked out your site (rather quickly – will spend some more time soon) and it looks pretty well done as well. Since I just launched The Game Chair – I’m still working out some backend issues and figuring out what I am doing and such, however i would be very interested in collaborating with others in the future. I think it would be excellent to have a few different voices and much broader coverage. Let’s keep in touch, I’d be curious what you think about the review process I’m playing around with. Is it safe to post emails on this board? You know what, I’ll post a comment on your site and you can get my email that way.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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