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  • i was watching several blogging frameworks, including movabletype and typepad, trying to find the best that suited my needs. wordpress is for me the weapon of choice now, although i am still missing some important features.
    i think the main problem of wordpress, or better to say a needed feature would be to include some better way to deal with media contents, such as in manila or other big systems. photoblogs are gaining more and more popularity, but the main problem is, that wordpress at its current state does not link media content to posts. this could be achieved in 2 ways:

    1. create a unique name for objects that are uploaded, that could be referred to via some sort of template-syntax: if i upload the picture test.jpg for example, name it “test”, i should be able to include it into any post with some sort of syntax: e.g.((test))

    2. make post-permalink-names folders in the system and put all the pics and media content inside. with this feature it would also be possible to get dynamically all the pics for example, to build a picturemap. in the current wordpress 1.5, there is no logical connection between media content and posts.

    another way to go could be with relations in the database and the first point i mentioned above, the objects. in the admin, users could define which media is related to which post.

    is there anything like this planned for upcoming worpress releases?

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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