• supernaturalbird


    I have been using Peepso for over 2 years. I had tried out other membership plugins before this. I even wasted money on User Pro. I knew when I found out about Peepso that they were the way to go. Here’s why they are the Future of Social Media. Their plugin emphasizes a familiar look like what would be on Facebook or other social media platforms. So that’s a good step in the right direction. The thing is, they are actually constantly working on their plugin to improve it, work out bugs, add new features, and the list goes on. They release new updates several times a year, not just ‘if a bug is discovered’ like some companies do. Since I have been using their plugin, they have added lots of new features and functionality, started a YouTube channel with instructional videos, and even lowered the price for their service and introduced new pricing options. They have the Most Awesome customer service. They get back to you within 24 hours when you ask for help. They go above and beyond to help you resolve your issues and even consider suggestions for improvement and do listen to their members. They can be trusted with admin credentials when you need help. Their interface offers a lot of options on the front end to keep your site members coming. They even provide a direct messaging interface and custom privacy settings for everything. The list goes on and on. If you aren’t sure, just try out the free version first and you’ll have a good idea what you can get. They really provide a lot in their free version which is amazing it’s even free. I use the free version on sites that don’t really need a lot of interaction because of the features it offers. I have their premium plugin for my main site and would definitely buy it for any more social interactive websites I might create. Trust me, it’s Awesome!

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