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  • What’s in store for WordPress with regard to AJAX? I can imagine it could be put to great use especially on the admin side of things. Are we able to talk about future features of WordPress. If so, does anyone know what’s in store with regard to AJAX?

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  • There is a plugin out there already that lets you use AJAX for commenting.

    JD, is it public? There is no download link or anything.

    Yeah I saw that, but what about WordPress itself, especially with regard to the admin side of things?

    I’m not sure if there have been any plans as of right now for it. I suggest you subscribe to the wp-hackers mailing list if you want to suggest it or to keep tabs on what is going on. It’s a good resource to be subscribed to =)

    Thanks jding. I also found this on the Codex:

    Although the item, “Combine simple and advance posting view with AJAXy goodness,” in the new feature list is crossed out, which I assume means it won’t be implemented in 1.6

    It actually is already implented ;).

    Cool bananas, I was hoping that’s what it meant. Can’t wait. When is 1.6 due out?

    JD, is it a plugin?

    Without digging around, and didn’t really understand the big deal about the feature, it’s not a plugin
    is where it’s actually discussed.

    I think you’re a bit confused. There is an AJAX commenting plugin for WordPress, called CanaryComment, made by Owen. Check it here: …. Personally I think that plugin is a waste of time. What is exactly the point of that plugin? Hard to tell… Using AJAX just to use AJAX is not a good idea. For example, using AJAX on the Write page to send posts to the server is not a good idea, because it doesn’t add anything to the user experience and just adds to code bulk and potential bugs.

    So, WordPress will use AJAX for things that will benefit from it. But not use it just to use it. Apparently v1.6 is loaded with AJAXy features.

    Xerocool: yes, it’s a plugin. sorry if I gave the wrong link. If you Google around a bit or just listen to Jalenack, you will find it easily.

    Jalenack: I agree, I don’t want AJAX where it’s not needed. A cool feature to have for commenting would to have LIVE updating comments so when someone makes a new comment and someone else is viewing it, it just shows up. That would be sweet. I’ll keep my eyes opened for that because I would want that in my blog.

    If anyone knows of a plugin/system for that already, let me know =)


    Honestly I think that would confuse users when new comments just ‘appear,’ and it would be a lot of wasted server resources to have AJAX check for new comments after users have loaded the page. Now, here’s the good news. I’ve got something similar, that uses AJAX. It is a chat plugin, so people can talk from within your blog without refreshing.

    AJAX chat plugin

    Anyone know when WordPress 1.6 is due out?

    The only answer to that question is ‘when it is ready’. Since it is still pre-alpha, it is not going to be for a while…

    On the contrary, I think having an Ajax posting interface would be immensely valuable. Allow me to illustrate.

    I was posting the other day, and my browser crapped out and said “Server not found.” I hit refresh, and the site was indeed there (just a random glitch, or perhaps my internet connection hiccuped for a second). But my post was gone. I hit “back,” and my post was still gone. History.

    Today, I was using Gmail, but wasn’t connected to the Internet. I wrote my message and hit “send”, not remembering that I wasn’t connected. Gmail noticed, and told me I was offline without losing the message. This is built in via Ajax. I connected, retried, and my message sent.

    I’m sure the lost post scenario has happened thousands of times to thousands of people – every one of us has lost a post, no doubt. Even if you save drafts frequently, you’re still relying on an HTML form submission to save your post, which can be messed up by a number of things. Ajax-ifying the WP write interface would allow WP to confirm that a connection is available, send the post data, and only reload the page after it received confirmation that the post was saved. It may or may not be faster (e.g., compare gmail to hotmail), but it would be a lot more reliable.

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