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  • Resolved Dominic


    Not really a support request, but I just wanted to voice my disappointment with the decision to merge this plugin with Jetpack. I don’t want to install Jetpack because I don’t want most of its features, so I will be left without BruteProtect which has become one of my favorite plugins. It’s too bad as there really isn’t a solution close to as good as BruteProtect for what it does.

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  • I completely agree. Well said Dominic.

    Please devs, give us the option of using jetpack or not. I really don’t need anything that jetpack has. Brute Protect is so awesome, it should be standalone too….

    Please add you support for a standalone version people – maybe the devs will listen 🙂


    Completely agree. I hope even after migrating to Jetpack this is maintained as a separate installable plugin.

    Plugin Contributor Stephen Quirk


    Hi everyone, thank you for the feedback! A quick note on Jetpack… you can easily turn off Jetpack modules you don’t use.

    On a personal note, I’m a big fan of Stats and Jetpack’s gallery options and use them on just about every site I’ve built. Photon is a really amazing feature too – a free CDN hosted on

    If you haven’t checked Jetpack out for a long time, it’s worth a look!

    Thanks for the response.

    Point taken, but Jetpack is still thousands of lines of code and extremely popular. That makes it an attractive target for hackers that I don’t want on my sites. Mistakes do happen.

    @stephen surely it is possible to keep this going as a standlone plugin?

    I really don’t need or want anything Jetpack.

    If you won’t do it – would you consider providing a GIT so that we can fork it ?

    Plugin Contributor Sam Hotchkiss


    Hi there–

    First off, please refer to our most recent post on the subject:

    The Jetpack Bloat Myth

    Regarding forking BruteProtect– the plugin is GPL, and you’re welcome to fork it. Our server side code/algorithms are proprietary, so you would need to devise your own on that end. It’s worth noting, too, that running the server side of things isn’t cheap. We deal with millions of API calls a day, which is necessary to generate the amount of data necessary to provide good protection.

    +1 (for the standalone plugin)

    @sam Hotchkiss; Just to clarify- it sounds like you’re implying that the existing standalone plugin (or any forks of it) won’t be permitted to access or interoperate with the backend infrastructure?

    That is- as you say- you and Automattic’s proprietary service, and you’re of course entitled to force the use of Jetpack onto those wishing to access it.

    But given that BruteForce *is* that (proprietary, non-replicable) infrastructure, if the answer to my first question was “no”, then it’s meaningless that the plugin is forkable- or perhaps that was exactly the point being made?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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