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  • I’m sure that when (if) this plugin eventually works, it’ll be all daisies and ponies.

    Until then, you’ll have to walk through spades of convoluted, incomplete and wrong setup information, provided by Facebook themselves or others.

    I’m confident that the “walk-in-the-park” howto worked at one point, but it doesn’t correspond with how the world — and the Facebook app creation pages — look now.

    To put it simply: It’s impossible to follow Facebook’s guide, because the places and details it guides you through don’t exist anymore.

    Add to that that the need to explain what exactly it is you’re doing, why, and what the final result will be (apart from making the WordPress plugin work, of course), is zero. So trying to figure out yourself how you should tackle the new strange interface options is hopeless unless you’re already a Facebook App developer (I guess). I’m a professional web developer, but apparently that’s not enough.

    A horrible, horrible experience.

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  • Completely agree.

    I’ve tried this numerous times, every few months, to see if they’ve updated something other than the cover photo. Nope.

    It’s been *years* now. Beyond absurd.

    Figured out how best(?) to handle auto posting to facebook.

    Get your rss feeds (maybe thru a Feedburner plugin, or sign up with, sending your rss to wherever you like in Facebook.

    Entire setup with literally took less than 60 seconds.

    Sooooo easy. Just be logged into Facebook when you sign up.

    Although ive been in this business for far too many years. I am totally confused as to the configuration of this plugin…Why waste the time writing this code and then not bother to update the documentation…is it too much to ask for…

    I’ve just had a bit of a breakthrough. It seems that the “silent error”, as in you put in your app details, click save, and nothing happens, disappears once you have gotten your “Publish” action approved. And then you can actually start to use the plugin with the app.

    Save yourself the bother of having to request approval twice by making sure you have the “Explicitly Shared” capability checkedin the “Publish” action setup section (Open Graph > Types > Click the “Publish” action). This is needed if you want to be able to post directly to your timeline, and not just to a Facebook page.

    I still don’t understand why Facebook don’t just create a fully functional app and put it on the market place. Why on Earth they want us to create a custom app for each and every WordPress installation and then make us submit these actions for review so that they can waste time on the other end reviewing stuff that’ll never be published to anyone else is really beyond my comprehension. It’s so inefficient and user-unfriendly on every level.

    Btw, I didn’t bother “describing how a user would interact with my actions” or however they put it. It seems a bunch of crying smilies and letting them know I’m just trying to get the friggin’ WordPress plugin to work is sufficient.

    This plugin worked great for me until the update to version 1.4. I had to get all the publish actions and optional publish action stuff “Approved”, which I did, and it still doesn’t do everything the app did previously.

    1) New posts do not show up in my timeline like they used to. And…
    2) I cannot “Mention” Facebook friends in the posts anymore (which I thought was genius when I figured out I could do that!).

    Besides those gripes, it works well for my commenting system and for adding a Like button to my posts. But seriously why destroy good features?

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