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  1. bgmahesh
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I am using WP 2.3.2 on a Linux box.

    I don't mean to promote my posting in anyway but I have to refer to it, please see http://www.mahesh.com/2008/03/16/is-the-lack-of-indian-language-on-net-hindering-the-growth-of-internet-in-india

    I have been starting the following sentences from a new line (by using shift-ENTER key)

    - Pushkar came with an interesting
    - Me: Even during the IT
    - Language blogs in India is doing reasonably well.

    When you view it now it may look ok as I have manually entered HTML code to get the new line. But at times when I hit the "Save" button that formatting is lost.

    Also how do I get one extra blank line between the bullet items? My long post is very difficult to read as there is no breathing space.

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