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  • Plugin Author Stefano Lissa


    Yes, I saw it, just do not use the open graph configurations of header and footer with WordPress SEO.

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    Sounds good,
    Thank you!

    Stefano, you might want to spread the word a bit wider.

    Yoast support just says it can cause problems with open graph and if someone’s a newbie or tends to fall into unthinking newbie moves from time to time (guilty as charged), then they might be likely to look for an alternative without realizing that they just don’t need to enable those features.

    I have your plugin installed, those features weren’t enable, but I got the warning in my admin account anyway and Yoast support’s explanation didn’t automatically lead me to understanding why.

    Plugin Author Stefano Lissa


    The Yoast teams could look at the options on header and footer to see if the plugin has the open graph active. I cannot do more… I’ll try to contact them.

    Thank you.

    I didn’t need them to check it out for me.

    I just needed them to tell me what the potential problem was and I could check it for myself. Which I did after reading this page.

    “The following plugins might cause (open graph) issues with Yoast WordPress SEO: Header and Footer”

    I’d suggest asking them to add a clarifying sentence to this automated statement and to be clear when customers ask about what it means.

    Good luck and thanks for the very useful plugin!

    Hi, Stefano 🙂

    Great plugin!

    I got the warning to.. So just to be on the safe site:
    As long as I don’t do any thing in your settings in the Facebook tab, there will not be any problems between your plugin and yoast’s plugin, is that correct?

    If not, please advice me in what not to touch.

    Thank you 🙂

    On the SEO page you say it yourself: “Note: most of these options are now available on SEO plugins.” So I suggest to completely remove the SEO and the Facebook options from your plugin. Your plugin is (very!) valuable for header&footer insertions and shouldn’t get in the way of specialized SEO plugins.
    Regards, Frank

    Plugin Author Stefano Lissa


    What about if I remove a feature may used by man users? Is not easy to do that, since even if I add a notice they will start to ask about that removal, and how they should act, and…

    Probably it would be better if the wordPress SEO guys use a different message with a different tone. But even if I contacted them, they didn’t answer.

    You know, business is business…

    Hey Stefano,

    Maybe you can add something in your plugin FAQ or initial description that says “other plugins might complain, if the option is disabled don’t worry about it”.

    I was very worried for a bit until a found this thread.


    Plugin Author Stefano Lissa


    Actually they should say: “disable the facebook options on header and footer to use the ones of wordpress seo”, not “deactivate header and footer”.

    Uhm, I should add the same notice. Me with the other 20-30 plugins that, when installed, receive the same alert by wordpress seo.

    Anyway on the facebook configuration of my plugin the note about that ind of problem is present: shouldn’t they refer to it?

    I have not enabled the Facebook Open Graph meta tag but still I am getting this warning. What should I do? Please guide. what to do now?

    Plugin Author Stefano Lissa


    The warning if from wordpress seo, they are enough s****d to show that warning always. Write them and ask why (they won’t respond, they didn’t respond even to me, the plugin author).

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