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  • Since April I have being using WordPress for my Blog and found it to be one of the best choices out of 3 previous Blog tools I used before. Before that I was using just a static web page to blog with and now, using WordPress, the experience has grown beyond what I could imagine it could be. I just picked up from January2004 to the present and put them in the archives. Oh, …this is a personal Blog with photos and life experience and all that stuff.
    I like to think that I have a professional look and feel to my web page. Compared to the static page, an interactive website is very exiting to have and I enjoy the medium. I have being tweaking it for the last 3 months and found that I’m slowing going back to the WrodPress layout that got me started when I unpacked it for the first time. Anyway, with what I could tweak and redesign, I think I have unique looking page.
    I would like you all to view it, critique it, analyzes it for its layout and how it looks from different browsers: please give me feedback on it.

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  • I asked for opinions and I’m very happy that you did just that. Feedback is what I’m looking for. So far your not the only who has commented on the “Gold gradient” menu box and alignment problems and I agree and will change. Your’s, is the feedback that I’m looking for!
    I’m not sure what you ment by having “the header link back to itslef”? What is the reasoning of that? Please explain 🙂 Point #8.
    Please go into some detail of what you mean as “XHTML valid”? There are many things here that are new to me. Point #7
    Thank you for your time and comments MaxT.

    #8, at the top of your blog where you have Thomasso’s Weblog
    i think he’s saying it should be a link, back to your blog main page so that when you go off into other pages you can come back to the main page quickly

    One reason you should have the link to your weblog in the header is so one can get back easily. Say I click on your “astronomy” category and tool around a bit in other categories, now how do I get back to the main page? If you have the link in your header I won’t have to hit the back button repeatedly.
    As for xhtml valid, click the link on your page and you will see what is meant. For one you need /> in all your image tags and vspace, etc. is not valid xhtml.

    Phew 🙂 Glad I’m not blamed 😉
    Regarding #8:
    For example you search for something… Your search have no results, you want to go back to homepage… What you do? Or you (as a guest on your blog) reading one of the posts you’ve made there. When you’re finished, you want to go back… What you do?
    Surely there is a back button, but as rule it’s userfriendly to have your header (be it a link or image) linking back to your homepage.
    Regarding #7:
    XHTML is a language that every browser reads from your log and then displays it to guests on your blog. If that language is not written correct, browser might misunderstand what you wanted to do (display an image on the right side of the post or make sure all of your links have red color) and do it other way ( worst case is unreadable site ).
    Basically you have to go back to your site > menu > meta and then click on link stating “Valid XHTML”. It might look scary tho’. If you have no idea what XHTML is and want to learn more, feel free to read this.
    My pleasure. 🙂 And good luck with your project 🙂

    Thank you MaxT, Beel and of course Lilandra for your points, help and davice. I have started wrorking on some of the sugestions that you pointed out already. Please check back every now and then to see how things are going and feel free to give more comments and feedback. 🙂
    Thank you for explaining the concept of the link in the hearder regarding point #7
    Now, I will start learning some XHTML. 🙂

    OK, most of XHTML is fix. The remaining errors are due to attridutes that I stuck with all the images I used in each posts. The “Validator” said that I must do this from CSS instead. I have a book on Style Sheets! I will figure that out.
    What does the RSS 2.0 and Comments RSS 2.0 suppose to do and how do you fix them or get them working?

    I like, I like….. A feedreader eh? I just went to your link. That is realy cool. I had no idea that WP does so much. Thanks.
    The XHTML validator siad that the only problems I have now are the way I put the images inside my posts. It, says that I should CSS. Anway, I think I’m going to look into a feedreader. hummmmmm 🙂
    Oh, very nice website you have there!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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