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  • With Gutenberg the final countdown for an upcoming desaster has been started.

    When reviewing only the functionality of the current GB plugin, I can see almost three typical groups of users:
    a) Users, who are just writing text (e.g. blogger). Their focus is just text oriented. They do not need something like GB.
    b) Users, which want to add more layout and design functionality. Therefore they already have choosen a nice theme, which allows tweaking sidebars, menus, widgets and so on. They do not need something like GB.
    c) Users, which have a complex website design. In order to handle this, they are using some kind of a page builder. They also do not need something like GB.

    So for almost everybody there is no need for a plugin like GB. It only creates time consuming understanding of a strange idea, learning non-intuitive handlings, frustating trouble shooting and terrible looking websites.

    @all WP-Users: Wake up! The Gutenberg-Editor is only the top of the iceberg!

    The Gutenberg-Editor is not the end of a wrong path – it’s the beginning.
    Read carefully was has been said in the announcements: Everything is going to be changed. The way shortcuts, menus, headers, footers and widgets will be handled. Everything will turn into ‘blocks’.

    What does that mean? Everything you are using today like plugins, themes or self created little helpers are designed for the ‘old’ WordPress.
    In the new word of blocks they will either not work any more, they will have to be modified completely or they will simply be unnecessary.
    What do you think? Does it sound like lots of fun? Or more like a disaster?

    That being said, it will be clear, that staying to the classic editor plugin is no solution!
    It will help for a short time, maybe some months. Sooner or later there will be incompatibilities. Not only with editing posts. There is more in the pipe line to come!

    Regards, Tooni
    Btw: This is my personal review and I do not want to write a bug report nor to explain what I mean with ‘non-intuitive handling’ or anything else.

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  • Plugin Author Tammie Lister


    @tooni thanks for testing and giving your feedback. As you requested I won’t ask for more information, just saying thanks for taking time to leave a review.

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