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  • Dear Marcel,

    I’d like to know if you will be abandoning Lazyest Gallery and only maintaining Eazyest Gallery now. I have determined there are too many obstacles to migrating all my client sites to EG and would prefer to stay on LG.

    This goes against my policy of only using well-established, actively supported plugins, but EG provides no real benefit to me and there is no other reason to switch to it. If LG will be abandoned, I may just hack it to add the one or two things I think are missing or could use improvement. Otherwise I will look for another plugin instead.

    I do thank you for all your past work on this plugin. I’ve never liked the bloated NextGen plugin and always preferred the admin simplicity of LG better. My clients like it, too.


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  • I’d like to know also.
    You say in the description

    Eazyest Gallery is the successor to Lazyest Gallery and is far better integrated with WordPress, and compatible with popular plugins.

    The whole reason I prefer Lazyest Gallery is because it does not put all the image information into the database. It does exactly what I need, but I would prefer a way to do it without designating a gallery page.

    I see from the plugin stats page that there was a surge of downloads in mid-April.

    Plugin Author Marcel Brinkkemper


    Hi Joy and Kate,
    My focus will be on developing Eazyest Gallery.
    I won’t abandon Lazyest Gallery however. My goal is to update it and apply patches to keep it running on newer versions of WordPress.

    Marcel, I am so happy to hear you say that. Like Joy, I actually prefer keeping the gallery images out of the db. One client site adds a new gallery every week, sometimes with over 200 photos. It’s hard enough keeping track of the extra images used for blog posts, but throwing so many gallery images on top of that makes media especially difficult to manage.

    I have tried just about every other gallery plugin (paid or free) and none of them give me what I want in a gallery better than Lazyest does. Most fall far short, missing critical features:
    – automatic gallery generation
    – gallery permalinks
    – captions or not
    – descriptions or not
    – lightbox of MY choice for enlargements
    – show enlargements, NOT just full-size images
    – customizable with a little extra CSS

    The list really goes on. I’ve been at my wit’s end trying to come up with an alternative plugin to no avail. Now, thankfully, I don’t have to. I’ve sent you a couple donations in the past but now that I know you’re going to keep the plugin maintained I will send another your way.

    Thank you!

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