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  • I’ve few threads on this but my situation seems to be different:

    I want to customise the plugin’s CSS so I’ve copid events.css (found in the plugin’s resources folder) to MYTHEME/events/events.css

    BUT! The file seems to override the original events.css but the contents doesn’t get used! In other words the original CSS file is overridden but nothing inside the new MYTHEME/events/events.css seems to have any affect in the browser (even tho it’s an exact copy of the original!)

    Any suggestions?

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  • Ok, so I put this line in my theme’s style.css but I thought the whole idea was that the plugin’s events.css was overriden automatically if a copy was placed in MYTHEME/events/

    @import url("events/events.css");

    Oh, I haddn;t noticed this but as soon as I place a copy of events.css in MYTHEME/events/ I get a red line under EDIT POST in admin which apparently signifies an error in the plugin.

    This plugin is 90% there for me but getting the last 10% might be more trouble than it’s worth!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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