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  • I have been trying to figure out how to modify the sidebar widget font size in The Events Calendar. I have looked at CSS files: Events.css and in Styles.css and tried tweaking fonts in those files – at least trying to find where they might be modified to solve my problem(I am a bit of a novice). But, I am failing to solve the problem. I would welcome guidance as to where the change should be made to make the fix. My site is: I am on WP 3.5.1 and The Events Calendar 2.0.11.

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  • style.css line 29

    html,body,div,form,fieldset,input,textarea,h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6,p,ul,ol,li{vertical-align:baseline;font-size: 103%;padding:0;margin:0;}

    Change font size to 103% should be correct
    Hope that helps

    That was wicked fast for help, thanks. This is a decent solution however it does have implications elsewhere in the site. Anywhere there is an “h” style, it too will be bumped up in size. For the most part, I think it would be OK but is there any way to specifically target the sidebar widget for font sizing. Regardless, thanks for the quick fix #wpitsecure!

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    Download & install this Custom CSS Manager plugin to hold your CSS modifications.

    Add this CSS modification to it;

    .widget_rss li a {
     font-size: 300px;

    You may as well transfer all changes you’ve made to the stylesheets into this Custom CSS Manager plugin before the theme updates and they’re no longer present.

    Andrew, thanks. I took a look at that plug in – looks interesting. Curiously, how big is 300px? Seems big for a font. But, that is ignorance asking!

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    I need help changing the font size of the sidebar widget. I never had a problem until I upgraded to v3. The events are HUGE, one word per line.
    My theme is Twenty Eleven v1.5
    Wordpress 3.5.2
    I’m not a programmer, so please if you try to help, provide simple to understand step by step instructions.
    I also tried to downgrade the Events Calendar plugin, but I can’t upload the downgraded plugin because the folder for the new plugin with the same name already exists. I considered deleting the existing folder, but am afraid I will lose all my data.

    @exitrowband – you should be asking on the plugin’s own forum:

    Start your own thread too.

    OK, I’ll try. That’s a different plug-in. Mine is “The Events Calendar”, and the person in this post seems to have the exact problem.

    Okay here:

    And even though the issue seems the same, it’s really almost never the same – that’s why we have this in the guidelines:

    It’s also not possible to help with a CSS issue without seeing your actual site :).

    OK thank you. I’m a newbie.
    The site is the same as my username:

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