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  • I like the looks of this plugin, but for the life of me, I cannot get it to show up on a page?!?

    I am putting in the shortcode, at least I think I am since I have seen several listed here, but no matter what code I try, instead of the calendar showing up, the tedt of the shortcode shows.

    What am I doing wrong?

    {CALENDAR} {calendar} {Calendar} None of them work?

    Thank you in advance

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  • The calendar shows up in your Appearance/ Widgets- just drag it to the sidebar and it will refresh. Hope this helps!

    Kimmi –

    The problem is, even if I drag the widget, on the actual page, the word {Calendar} displays instead of the calendar itself. Heres a link:

    What the heck am I doing wrong? I’ve even tried it with other calendars and the same thing happens. I’m going nuts with this! lol



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    Have you tried:

    – deactivating all other plugins to see if this resolves the problem. If this works, re-activate the plugins one by one until you find the problematic plugin(s).

    – switching to the Twenty Ten theme to rule out any theme-specific problems.

    Good idea – I’ll do it right now – thanks!

    Hmm – OK deactivated them all, problem still there. Switched to Twenty Ten, problem still there. I’m beginning to think I’m just an idiot! lol

    But seriously, I have no clue why its screwing up



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    Have you tried reviewing the plugin’s documentation?

    I have, and the documentation sucks. However, since it happens with other calendars as well, there must be something on my end. Maybe the css got screwed up for that page?

    It’s true that the documentation for this is not very helpful. I’ve pieced together stuff from another thread. Here’s what I did…

    [theme: twenty-ten]
    [note: my calendar is not embedded in a pre-existing page, but rather exists on a new one. From what I’ve read, this calendar is not able to be embedded on other pages without knowing much more about template coding, which I don’t…]

    1. Download and activate plugin: “The Events Calendar” Dink around with any display preferences in the Settings / The Events Calendar section
    2. Download and activate plugin: “Page Links To” After you activate it, this will cause a new field which says “Page links to…” to show up on the bottom of every “new post” and “new page” site. So for now, just download, activate and let it be.
    3. Create a new page with ANY url / slug that you choose EXCEPT so, I created This can be a completely random slug. When you create the page, leave it blank. On mine, I’ve left it with the default template for 2010. Then I published it. **Actually, now that I write this, I’m not sure that it’s a necessary step, but I’m too afraid/lazy to delete the page and see what happens so… I think this might be something extra that I did from following all the random instructions but…**
    4. Create a new post. The title of your post will show up in the heading for the event. The main text of the post is a general description of your event (note: hyperlinks show up in the “list” mode, but are unclickable in the “calendar” mode — grrrr). Below the main text box, enter details about date, start time, cost… On the right, make sure that the “Events” category is checked. <b>BELOW THAT, at the bottom,</b> you will find the “Page Links To” box. Here you can paste a couple of options:
    5. Then, publish your post.

    I currently have one event, but it seems to be working so far. *fingers crossed*

    I really hope this works for you. I don’t know why it’s so confusing with this, or why the makers didn’t put something like this on the actual plug-in website, rather than the random screenshots. :-S

    If you want, you can see it on my website here:

    But as you can see, I’m having trouble getting the start/end time to show up… *sigh*

    Hey Speaking –

    Thank you for that help! I like the calendar but jeez it’s a pain in the ass. I actually ended up installing a Google Calendar plugin instead after wasting so much time on this one!

    But, I’m going to try your advice anyway for futre reference – thanks again!

    mine works but my side bar is gone on my calender page.
    do you know how i can get it back on?

    @bobjung, yes it is a pain in the ass… I’m having trouble getting the start time / end time to display, but other than that it’s ok. I feel like I’m overly-picky since it took so long to install. How’s the google calendar plugin? Got any specific pros / cons?

    @mikebtoronto… If you want the sidebar to show up on a normal page, I was able to make this happen by going to… Dashboard / Appearance / Widgets … And then dragging “Events List Widget” into the sidebar. You can tinker with display and save settings there. And then once you have the widget installed, it pops up on my twenty-ten “default” template. See an example on my post-less blog here:

    UNFORTUNATELY, I don’t think that the side bar is ever supposed to display on the same page as the calendar. My calendar shows up on a blank page with nothing else. From the other posts/complaints I’ve read, I think you choose between the calendar display and the list without more advanced coding knowledge and tinkering in the plugin’s template / editor, but that’s def. beyond my capacity.

    Good luck!!!

    SpeakingOfTOEFL, did you alter the template files at all to get it to embed within your theme or did it just work? I really like this plugin but it does not integrate with my theme and my project is already over budget so I am not will to spend the time integrating it. Thanks for your help.

    The Google one is working fine for me. I kind of like of the event calendar plugin better, but I’m like diablo243. I spent more time on that stupid plugin then on the rest of the site!

    For Google, you just make the calendar public and off you go.

    @ diablo243 — no, I didn’t alter the template files. I’m using twentyten and it worked just fine with the default template. Just a fluke, I guess. I certainly didn’t plan for it to happen. I don’t know if it’s worth it to pull your hair out over this.

    @ anyone who will listen — the start/end time feature seems to be completely jacked on this plugin. Super irritating.

    @ bobjung — does Google’s start / end time feature work? what about giving you the option of hovering over an event on the calendar and seeing an excerpt? do you have a link to a live google calendar I can check out? I might switch…

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