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  • I’ve done my reading and there are plenty of (older) threads about settings up The Events Calendar with WPML but my own tests have been inconclusive. I’m using a folder setup but the translation facility is totally out-of-whack; clicking ‘English’ from the event list view takes the user to the translated EVENT not the event list.

    Basically, I need to be able to translate the events list and individual events. Has anyone been able to do that? Translating the permalink slug would also be a plus.

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  • Hi John,

    We are in the process of doing a thorough review of compatibility and integration with WPML which may or may not have complete support right now. I don’t have any ETA as to when we’ll have things sorted out but I can tell you it’s a high priority item on our end and we are looking to get things resolved ASAP.

    Thanks for your patience!

    – Jonah

    No problem Jonah, thanks for your efforts.

    We’ve actually removed WPML for the time being as it was causing a few issues. It’d be great to get a multi-language setup working but we’ll just have to do without for the time being.

    TEC has remained firmly in place, although I daresay it’s slightly less complex 🙂

    Hi John,

    Sounds great. I would suggest keeping an eye out on our Facebook page, Twitter feed, and/or blog for updates on WPML integration. All of which you can access through our main website:


    hey jonah,
    any news about that topic? I was testing both plugins too, wpml 2.9 and The Events Calendar 3.0.1, and some things are working fine but other not.

    For example, i could translate a single event and get the translations ok once i’m looking at the event as a single post on the site.

    The problems arrive when i’m on the upcomming events list (urlsite/events/). If i hit the language button, it gets me back to the home page. But if i enter this in the adress bar: urlsite/events/?lang=en/, it gets me to the events list in english ( my main language—urlsite/events/— is portuguese) which if fine. The dates are getting translated fine as well as the title of the page that goes to “UPCOMING EVENTS” instead of “PRÓXIMOS EVENTOS” in portuguese. Same as when i try the spanish version, if i write: siteurl/events/?lang=es/ i go to the spanish language just fine.

    So in the end i think that there’s very little missing to work fine.


    Hi Kevin,

    Unfortunately integration with WPML is still not done but we definitely have it on our list to tackle in the near future. Stay tuned!

    – Jonah

    Hmm, any deadline already or nothing? I’ve been testing even more and the problem is far more complex when it comes to using the search feature and events categories.

    Unfortunately not. We have this on our radar but it’s impossible to say when we might improve integration.

    Hi from France. I’m actually using WMPL for my website and therefore, The Events Calendar extension does not work. The problem begins with 404 errors. My WordPress is in English with French as the default language. The URLs should keep the english form but they are translated in French, so “upcoming” becomes “a-venir” whereas it should stay “upcoming”, the language of WordPress and not the visitor’s language. If at a moment, you need any help to check WordPress + WPML in a French / English website, I can help because I was interested in the plug-in and particularly the community plug-in. Best regards.

    Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    Hey uscarsfrance. Thanks for the follow-up here; I can absolutely understand your position and I’m sorry we let you down here. Know that this is definitely a priority for us now that 3.0 is out the door…we get at least one request per week for this and we have folks on the WPML dev team standing by waiting to help. It’s just a matter of finding appropriate dev resources on our end.

    Right now we’re focused on wrapping up a handful of lingering bugs that were reported after the 3.x release, and that’s what our next couple maintenance builds will be focused on. But from there we’ll be shifting back to feature development/integration finessing, and I suspect this will be our top priority at that time.

    I realize that doesn’t help you out in the short-term, but know we are working towards it. I appreciate your patience on this end so far. If you have any other feedback or thoughts, definitely don’t hesitate to let me know.

    Hey Tribe. I’m also very interested in Events Calendar and WPML integration. I live in Wales, where many companies do business bilingually in both English and Welsh. I have a number of clients using the Events Calendar, and would be very interested to help out with development and/or testing WPML integration.

    Plugin Author Barry Hughes


    We appreciate the note emzo – and as Rob remarked this remains on the agenda and will hopefully be addressed at a future point 🙂

    I had the same problem as uscarsfrance. The french translation of the pluging would give me a 404 on /event/upcoming as in french the upcoming becomes a-venir…

    I purchased WPML after thinking I would have more control over the permalink structure and that would fix the 404 and then I got here… to find out the plugin is not yet compatible with WPML.

    So is there a temporary fix for the problem mentioned by uscarsfrance. Since the problem happens regardless of using WPML as a translation manager.


    Same problem : WPML + The Events Calendar….

    I would love to see that resolved as well.

    Thanks for the great work though.

    Plugin Author Barry Hughes


    Thanks for the note. This is still an area we aim to work on at some point however it may be a while yet before that happens. Thanks again 🙂

    +1 same problem

    Thx a lot

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