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  • A nice feature that was in the old plugin, is that the sender of email is the organizer (author) of the event. Then the recipiants can respond directly to the organizer.
    I have set up Events Manager for Oslo Kayak club. They have more than a hundred courses, tours and other events with different organizers publishing their events using Events Manager and sending emails to their attendees. Now emails come from the same sender.

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  • Plugin Author Patrick


    Not true… In the old version the current user was the sender.
    That was one of the deprecated functions used in that version, btw. 😉
    So, say you were sick and asked me to send the email, the sender would’ve ben me and not you.

    I thought it would be more professional if all emails came from the organising organisation, hence your company. But I do get your point, so I will look into the possibility to select the blog name or the registered event contact.

    Plugin Author Patrick


    For my understanding…
    What happens `when a user books? Who is the sender of the initial booking email? And where did you specify that (if not the one in the EM email settings).

    I do my events alone, so I have no first hand comparison. 😀

    In the email settings panel in EM, you can chose who is the sender. It can be a common sender for all mails or the owner of the event. The owner is the same as the aothor of the event. The Author can be changed in the edit event page like for posts.

    May be the settings in EM can be used by Email Users? But I think in fact that the best is that the user sending the Message is the sender.

    Plugin Author Patrick


    In those settings there is only one “From” option, so EM itself lets you not select different senders for different events.

    You can select to send emails to events owners, but not from.

    Also, that first section in the Email settings, is a major flaw/lack if you are using MultiSite. That whole section is then only available globally, making EM send every email for every blog with the same sender.

    I found a setting at the very bottom. I will look into that. But I will also need to check how EM handles it.

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    Plugin Author Patrick


    I checked, but in EM itself you cannot use different From credentials. You can change email content per event and even per gateway for both the event owner and customers and select if you want to send an email to the event owner, but each email is always sent with the default From credentials.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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