• You totally screwed up the plugin after that last update where we had to register and do everything in your web app.
    Congratulations, you have reached the useless plugins category.

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    Hi @r21ferreira,

    Greetings from CookieYes!

    Thanks for your feedback. Our revamped plugin has many new features and improvements to make it easier and more efficient for our users. Connecting with the web app is one such optional feature that you can use if you wish to, but it is not mandatory. If you prefer, you can set up the plugin manually without the web app connection.

    Creating an account on the web app is completely free and only needs to be done once. This process remains the same as in our legacy plugin, where a connection with the web app was necessary for the cookie scanner. We hope this information helps, and if you have any further questions, we are here to assist you.

    @cookieyesteam is there any way to scan the site and then disconnect from the web app while keeping the results of the scan? Otherwise we’re running into the pageview limit (which to me doesn’t make sense because why does this need to run through your servers?)

    If this is not possible then this plugin is a hard pass for me which is unfortunate because it was one of the only plugins that could detect the cookies used and intelligently disable the scripts for me until a user has consented.

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    I’m using an older version of the plugin to scan.
    But when it is no longer possible to obtain scan results with an older version, I will stop using it for good.

    Plugin Support CookieYes Team


    Hi @gbaggaley,

    With the CookieYes server hosting the cookie scanner, both the legacy plugin and the revamped plugin have the same cookie scanner. The results of the scanner for the legacy plugin are stored within the plugin itself, but for the revamped plugin, the results are saved in the CookieYes dashboard.

    If you have disconnected from CookieYes, you can either reconnect to see the scan results added to the plugin or add the cookies manually to the plugin.



    I used to love this plugin but the revamped plugin is terrible. The cookies are deleted from the plugin when you disconnect! I am moving to Complianz!

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    @cookieyesteam Where can I get the legacy plugin?

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