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  • So we are running a handful of different WordPress installations on this server. Here’s what we know:

    — We only get this error when trying to retrieve a lost password.
    — Whether we use email or username, the error is still the same.
    — This error does not happen on any other installation.
    — Emails are sent out from this “broken” installation when new users are created.
    — Users who are trying to retrieve their passwords can login if I manually tell them their password.
    — This is a clean installation with no plugins or themes installed (yet).

    Where should I look next?

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    Saw that in another thread too. Thanks, but that’s not quite it. They aren’t even being sent. They need to be sent before they can be received. 🙂

    How do you know they aren’t being sent. What do your mailer logs say (PostFix/Exim/Sendmail/whatever)?

    WPRanger — I suppose I can’t verify completely. I just assumed that since this is the only email issue we are having with our WP installations on this server, that they are not being sent. All “forgot pass” emails are being sent on our other websites on this server, the other admin emails from this particular website are being sent as well (new user for example).

    I just checked the email sent to us for new user registrations on this website. It is coming from wordpress@subdomain.mydomain.tld. This behavior is no different than any of our other installations. This email does not exist, since our mail server lives at @mydomain.tld. We’ve never had wordpress@mydomain.tld.

    Have you thought about bypassing the mailer altogether and taking advantage of one of the transactional email providers. There are several available and most have really generous free tier accounts.

    I used to run my own SMTP server on a dedicated server dealing with nothing but mail. It’s like a full time job battling with major email providers trying to convince them that I’m not a spammer. I’ve now accepted defeat and pump all my WordPress mail through a third party.

    WPRanger — No I haven’t. However, if we did that, I’m sure the sysadmin’s that run our mail server and the 600 some-odd employees that depend on that mail server would be a bit upset. 😉

    You can use the services with a WordPress plugin. If I were your sysadmin, I’d be doing it already 🙂

    WPRanger — got a favorite? I’ll send them suggestions. Either way, that doesn’t solve my problem here. 🙁

    I’m going to try a new clean install.

    Postmark, Mailgun, Mandrill, Amazon SES, Sendgrid. All as good as each other really

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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