The Dread wp_rewrite rules killed me, any WordPress alternatives? (1 post)

  1. cuban_cigar
    Posted 5 years ago #

    After years of happily using wordpress, I finally learned exactly how wp_options work:

    option_name='rewrite_rules' in wp_options

    This field will grow to titan size seemingly for no reason, if you customize the url format

    ( we are talking +4k plus characters PER POST/PAGE, processed with each internet visitor !! )

    You see, I get an idea of how I want a site's url format to work, and then realize that it will superbloat the above mentioned field.

    Because of the way they choose to set it up, wordpress is not scalable. Deviate from the restrictive, slight set of url choices and your webserver will grind to a halt.

    acceptable formats

    ONLY All pages


    ONLY /%category%/%postname%/ ( no custom category format, NO pages allowed )


    ONLY /static-slug/%postname%/ ( no custom category format, you must choose pages or cat heierarchy, not both )


    ONLY /%date%/%postname%/ ( you must choose pages or cat heierarchy, not both)

    You see, I made a site like:



    Now I spend days on end twisting, trying to determine the least hastlesome way to keep wordpress in there for the blog portion, but turn everything else to static pages. It will take lots of 301 redirects etc.

    Anyone know if a lightweight CMS that doesn't poll the DB excessively or keep a ridiculously bloated field like rewrite_rules ?

    To see how humongous your field is try this at home on your unix flavored web server:

    echo "use database_name;select * from wp_options where option_name='rewrite_rules';"|mysql -uroot -proot_password|wc -c

    it will count the characters

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