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  • Custom Facebook Feed Does Everything
    We were looking for a plugin that would feed various sites with various Facebook pages.
    This plugin has surpassed everything we expected.

    First, does exactly what it says on the tin.
    It feeds your Facebook information to the your website(s).

    Second, customization options are unrivaled.
    You can have small images, small images with text… medium images with text, huge images with text… you can select no text.
    With a sleek movement, the plugin shows Facebook comments when you click on them.
    Very orderly you can place the “Like” button on the very top, or the bottom. Facebook faces can be shown if you like, or just take them out.
    Colors can be changed, CSS customizations can be applied, videos can be shown on-screen, off-screen.

    At the moment, we set up this Custom Facebook Feed so that it looks very nicely on our site, and let it be.
    There are dozens of customizations which fly over our heads… yet out-of-the-box, it looks very good. We’re happy with as-is.

    Now, my third point:
    The support provided by Smash Balloon is everything you could ask for.
    These are guys that clearly have the support email account on their phones.
    They reply super fast.
    Their fixes work as-written.
    I was so, so happy with their support, I bought the Pro.
    The price is a bargain, has many more functionalities (?), and I believe it helps the developers put more time and energy into this product.

    With that, I close this review.
    Get it.
    If you can, get the Pro.
    Best plugin for Facebook compared to all the other ones.0

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