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  • Hi. I’m using Wp-SlimStat-Ex 1.2.

    According to the slimstat, my blog so far has Since end of 2006, roughly 300,000 hits & again roughly 33000 visits.

    This may probably be a simple question for some, but I REALLY don’t understand the difference between ‘hits’ & ‘visits’… The two figures are so different, i just don’t get it.

    Could someone please explain, & tell me how many people/ real readers actually did land on my site??

    Many thanks!

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  • I suggest you ask WP-Slimstat-Ex to clarify it: . The answer we give you may be completely different to how the plugin authors defined hits and visits. is right, the answers you get here about vague terms used by your stats software may indeed be nothing like what the author actually intended.

    I will offer a guess though, based on nothing more than what *I* would mean if I said that…

    If I wrote that, hits would be raw page views, that is, when a page is loaded in a browser.

    Visits however, would involve a timed component. An estimate based on a number of page views in a particular narrow window.

    For instance, during my visit to your site, which might last 5 minutes, I could click on 20 links, so my 1 visit would translate to 20 hits.

    Again, this is just a guess, only the author truly knows what they mean.

    many thanks to both of you that replied!!
    I have just posted this question to the plugin writer. I’ll let you know what the reply is, if & when I get it!!

    hi. i got a reply from the author:
    You may think ‘hits’ as ‘clicks’
    If a person moves around your blog, ‘hits’ count would increase, but ‘visits’ count won’t increase (by 1).

    If a person stop moving around your blog, and after 30 minutes, he start to move another pages on your blog, then ‘visits’ count would increase.

    If you want to know about unique visitors(IP), just see ‘unique’ values. (you should set ‘Visit type:’ to ‘unique’ on your slimstat option page)

    😉 I understand now! 🙂

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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