• ProfileGrid has been a wonderful plugin to have, like every plugin there are bits and pieces that may need to be customised to your site and most of the customisations were easy to resolve. But there was one issue that I had worked on for almost a month to no resolution – so I contacted the support team.

    The instantly understood what I was trying to accomplish and guided me on how to complete the task. I was still unsure of how to do it myself so I asked if they would be able to make the changes in my stead. To my surprise they were able to do so quickly and in a matter of minutes, what took me hours to figure out!!

    Honestly, the team there have my thanks and especially Sara B. (forgive me for naming and praising them), the support team member that helped me through it all.

    Thank you guys for your help and I look forward to using ProfileGrid with my other clients. ^_^

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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