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  • When I set custom order of the main categories, all the sub-categories get mixed and I have to go and manually sort each of them. And I have 1000 and will need to do it evety time I add new category. Wish it worked better. But thanks for that free plugin that you made free for all of us. It still does some work (not for my case, but for else)

    1 month later:
    I managed to fix the issue by sorting each category’s sub-categories with the plugin buttons. So it works now. Thanks for the support before that. The custom order should not mix them randomly as it did thought – so that’s an improvement proposal. I add 1 more star …

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  • Plugin Author Marcel Pol


    I don’t see that happening. Could it be something is interfering somewhere?
    When I add a new toplevel category or sub-category, all ordering stays as it was. Only the new added category needs to be sorted.

    I understand the question about having to sort after a new sub-category, but wouldn’t know how to solve it. What would you rather have happen on creating a new category or sub-category?

    Suppose you have a parent category ‘books’ and sub-categories ordered like this:
    1. horror
    2. thriller
    3. romance

    And you create a new sub-category ‘humor’. Currently there is no order applied, so it will be at the top or bottom. Myself I don’t see how to add a default order for the new sub-category. What do you think should happen? (it’s a real question)

    Hi Marcel,

    Thank you really for the reply! Adding a new category – that’s an issue only as a consecutive issue of the first.

    The 1st issue is as I mentioned above,but didn’t clarify it enough:

    1. I have 5 not ordered main product categories at

    2. I set custom order of them with your plugin successfully.

    3. I check the sub-categories of them and I find them all mixed randomly. And they have been in alphabetical order till that moment. That is probably a plugin bug.

    4. Then I did set again alphabetical order of all product categories with the radio button (1 of 3 options).
    Note: I can do it manually with the “Sort alphabetically” (not sure for the name) button of the plugin for all sub categories but that would require the time to do it for every sub-cat as it has it’s subcategories,that also have their own too.

    5. But then I can’t use the custom order for main 5 categories, as global alphabetical order is on. And if I use the custom order, and sort sub-categories manually, then each future newly added category would not get in the right place.

    Is it more clear now? I would be happy to help to solve that.

    Hello, i have a similar issue.
    Try sorting a subcategory alpabetical, but doesn’t work.

    Plugin Author Marcel Pol


    Hi enikolov, it is more clear now.
    The setting with the radio buttons is really per taxonomy. So you can set it once for all categories. There is no option to make it different for subcategories. I am sorry, but I am not planning to add that feature. I think the code is too cumbersome already.

    About point 3, the backend will follow the custom order. If you set the radio button to be alphabetically, and you want to see them in alphabetical order, press the “Alphabetical” button. I don’t see it happen here. If there is a bug, it is interference from another plugin or theme.

    Thank you for the reply,Marcel! If I learn anything new, I will write again. Will try to solve the issue somehow.

    Best regards,

    I ‘ve just added a new cateory “NEMO” and the result appeared 1st, not sorted alphabetically (but it must as the alphabetical order is set in the plugin):

    Here is a screenshot of my settings:

    I deleted the plugin but the issue remained. How can I restore the basic alphabetical sorting of my product categories and remove the plugin remains?

    Plugin Author Marcel Pol


    On the previous post, it looks like sorting based on cyrillic names goes wrong. This is part of the SQL query, the plugin doesn’t sort it in code. It might be that a mysql upgrade will help, I can imagine there have been bugfixes.

    Alternatively, you could hit the “Alphabetical” button. Do they get sorted then correctly? If so, you can order by custom order this way.

    If the plugin is disabled, it will not apply any default sorting anymore.
    You can remove the term_order database table for the terms, but that has no effect on alphabetical sorting.

    HI Marcel,
    it only contains latin letter cattegories (names of car models) but it doesn’t sort them alphabetically.

    I had deleted the plugin and still have “Nemo” as 1st. This means that any newly added category will go 1st and not ordered. That happened only after installing the plugin. So I’d like to remove anything done / left by the plugin.

    You wrote about term_order database table. Please help by responding:
    1) That table was edited by your plugin? right?
    2) Is it safe to delete it and would WP recreate a clean term_order database table?
    3) How to fully recover the original term_order as if the plugin wasn’t installed?

    Plugin Author Marcel Pol


    Yes, term_order is part of the database. You can remove it with PHPmyadmin. First make a backup of the database.
    term_order is not part of WordPress Core, it should be safe to remove.

    It cannot be that after this plugin was installed and removed, that code is still being run. It is just a set of hooks, only part of the plugin code. If it isn’t activated, it doesn’t run.
    I don’t know what is happening then.

    HI again Marcel,
    I’ve deleted the term_order columns from both tables (“terms” and “term_relationships”) where I found it (there was no table with that name) but there is no change:


    Issue still exists (Nemo is 1st):

    1) Did I do correct? Should I restore those 2 tables or any of them?
    2) Any advise?

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    • This reply was modified 1 month, 1 week ago by  enikolov.
    Plugin Author Marcel Pol


    I don’t understand how the removed plugin can even have effect on the sorting. I don’t think that is even possible. I don’t have any advise, sorry.

    Ok, might be some issue with the theme here.

    But what about the columns term_order that I deleted from the 2 tables – was that what you meant? Should I return them?

    Plugin Author Marcel Pol


    They were made by the plugin upon activating the plugin. If you don’t want to use this plugin anymore, you can remove that.
    About the other colums, they are part of WordPress Core, do not remove them.

    Thank you very much for the support! Ok

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