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  • I have set up a menu bar, first item is a “home”, second is a pulldown Projects, and under it, I have project one, project two, project three etc, and then the third item is “People” and under it, person one, person two and so on. Projects actually has “two tiers” under the main menu, and the problem happens at each level down.

    To do this, I create a “page” for Home, Projects, People, then Project 1, Project 2, Person1, Person 2, etc, and put them into the right hierarchy under the Menu “Manager”

    The problem I am encountering is that if a user goes to “Our Projects, and clicks the first tier of menu opens up, but it is still possible to click on “our projects” – which is tied to a page, which is empty, and not really somewhere that I want people to go to – I want them the next or subsequent layer down.

    How do I have a menu, and keep items in it, but without them linking to a page…

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  • Try removing the blank Page at the top of the hierarchy, and changing the Menu item to a LINK rather than a PAGE item.

    Look in Screen Options for a checkbox if you don’t see it.

    Then make the link #.

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