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    please check vs

    Don’t pay attention to the fact that in only one post is shown in the main page (I changed the maximum number of posts shown per page option) and the little mesage saying that the website is in maintenance (this has been added manually in the index.php theme file to display something at least).

    If you surf through any of the pages in the first one ( one you will see that the content of the posts is not shown, except some posts that have images and/or links.

    Basically both blogs are identical, and I can even switch one database server for another (now they are currently using a database server in their own domain, but this can be changed) and it always happens the same: does not display the content of the post. If you look at the source html, the div is empty.

    As far as I know, I did the same steps to manually install the wordpress: creating a database, importing the dump from the previous perfectly working blog database, uploading all the files to wp-content and changing the wp-config.php to use the new database.

    All this comes from moving the domain from another owner to us, which meant that we had to recreate everything: domain, hosting, email accounts, etc. Since migrating to wp 2.5 looked difficult we wanted to keep the same version. Specially because we will be redesigning the website entirely from scratch in a while.

    Anyway, I can’t seem to discover what makes one wordpress show the content of the post and the other not.

    By the way, when you edit a post, you can see the text and its tags and everything, except the preview, which also fails to display. You can create, edit, and delete posts normally. I mean that the database is okay in principle (since if you retrieve its contents from it works ok).

    Both domains are also running another wordpress 2.5 in some other folder , which I installed just to try something before.

    I know there is a function called apply_filters that maybe is filtering to much the post… Does this have to do with character sets maybe? (as far as I know, all databases have the same character sets and collations everywhere… but again, it not depends on the database, but on who is calling it). Changing the option of the character set in wordpress does not change the result (it only changes how some special characters are displayed in the titles, for example). I am really lost here.

    Any help will be appreciated.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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