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  • Plugin Author Zack Katz


    Can you please send me your Constant Contact login info to so I can try to troubleshoot.

    I’m suddenly having a similar error — although my client’s CC credentials work fine, navigating to the Form Designer displayed two errors, ‘The Constant Contact API plugin must be configured properly before using the Form Generator.’ and ‘The Constant Contact Form Generator plugin requires WordPress 3.0 or greater. Sorry, folks!’

    Re-factoring the function ccfg_compatibility_warning around line 55 of form-designer.php eliminated the second error. The first I traced to line 381 of functions.php, if(is_object($new_cc) && $new_cc->get_service_description()) {.

    $new_cc->get_service_description()) always returns false, so the $cc object never gets created.

    Any ideas? My client is limping along because I forced the object creation, which allows the public-facing and admin forms to display, but the widget-admin side is pretty thoroughly borked.

    The site is running on IIS 7.5 with PHP 5.4.9. Plugin version is 2.3.12, WordPress is 3.5.1, though the same thing was happening on 3.5.0.

    Your plugin is pretty impressive work, by the way.

    Plugin Author Zack Katz


    It might be an IIS issue. I’m afraid I don’t really support Windows installations (just because I’m not well versed in it).

    I just released version 2.4 – let me know if this (for some reason) is fixed in this release.


    2.4 didn’t fix my problem, but thanks. It’s looking like a Constant Contact problem after poking around more — passing good credentials to “…” won’t let me in, so (from the plugin’s perspective) requests return a null result. They haven’t been real helpful so far. I’ll post the resolution once I get it.

    Plugin Author Zack Katz


    Hi Steve – I might have fixed this issue with – please let me know!

    That was quick, Zack.
    We got everything working a couple of hours ago. There was a lot going on so I’m not certain what the fix was:

    1. I installed 2.4.0. I hacked on it a little bit but restored it to it’s original state after things started working and everything still worked. works fine.

    2. My client’s Constant Contact API login was broken — CC “did something” and I was able to login IF I pre-pended your API key followed by “%” to the username. The pre-pending appears to be irrelevant, now, but who knows?

    3. The hosting provider fixed an issue in a wp-config file and another with cURL (which I suspect may have been the root cause of this misfortune).

    So, I don’t believe your plugin was at fault in our case, though poking around in your code was fun.

    I suggest the OP try to log in to “[username]/lists” with her CC credentials and contact them if it fails.

    Hi Zack

    I also encountered the same problem, my Form designer prompts the following : “The Constant Contact API plugin must be configured properly before using the Form Generator.”

    I’m quite new to this plugin, I would really appreciate your help on this matter. What are the steps that I could take to resolve this issue?

    I’m working with a WordPress 3.5, Constant Contact API version,
    Constant Contact API: Form Designer (Alpha) Version My system is running on Windows.

    Thanks in Advance

    Plugin Author Zack Katz


    I think the issue might be related to Windows-hosted sites. Can others confirm that they’re running on Windows/IIS?

    Hi, the Constant Contact events used to show up, but now it won’t show anything, even though I have upcoming events?. Would you mind taking a look? I can’t take this site live until it can show the upcoming seminars.

    Here’s the URL:

    Thank you

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