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  • Resolved simongcc


    Hi Author,

    I found the following, see if it fit your original objective.

    The “menupop” css class is for hover controlling by the keyboard.
    It is not necessary to add it to the search box

    • container.
    • because there is no hover menu
    • if added, the press enter to search feature is no longer working(being override by the click to call the hover feature</l>

    Thanks a lot.

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  • Plugin Author kodeo


    if I understand you right the issue is that the toolbar search is not working because pressing enter is somehow not possible?
    Could you please confirm.

    Which browser do you use?


    Yes, you are right. Because menupop class is not necessary.
    It is for something like “Add New” with a menu but not for a search box/textfield.
    If menupop is added, the original feature of the search field (press Enter and search will be override)

    I use Chrome.
    It is nothing to do with browser version or brand.

    You can test to see in code inspector.
    1. If you have this class in the list item,
    2. press enter on the field
    3. you can see there is a hover class being added to the list item, because it means for you to popup a hover menu with enter. This is an accessibility feature using keyboard control.

    Best regards,

    Plugin Author kodeo


    the issue is now fixed with the new version.
    Please download and try.
    Make sure you reload the page at least twice.
    If still no working, please empty the cache.

    Thank you for reporting.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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