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  1. aravindbachu
    Posted 2 years ago #

    In Google search, every link of my blog ends with the title again.

    for eg, normally it should look :

    Knolzone - Keep Discovering!!

    but it looks as

    Knolzone - Keep Discovering!!Knolzone

    so does every other link. The word Knolzone is coming at the end of every link and this is seriously causing a headache. I use the yoast SEO plugin, and I seriously doubt its involvement in this happening....

  2. When I go to your site, I can see this in the HTML source:

    <title>Knolzone - Keep Discovering!!Knolzone</title>

    Look in your header.php and make sure that the title is just

    <title><?php wp_the_title();?></title>

    I think that the plugin settings (on the first page) has something about this and tells you what the title tag should be set to.

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