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  • While I appreciate the WordPress developers trying something new with the block editor, it should be apparent that many MANY people absolutely hate it. We’re grateful for this plugin, which restores the normal post/page editor. Please update the WordPress core so that the block editor is optional, and that the HTML/TEXT editor is always available.

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  • I used to use WordPress a few years ago and just recently switched back. I am very much hoping that there is just a learning curve going on here.

    I like plain text editor with no bells and whistles. All I can say is that I am pretty frustrated and hope my learning curve solves the problem soon.

    Other than that, WordPress in general is amazing.


    I agree and I like your idea of making the block editor optional.

    I am also saddened that so many of the premium sites are catering to this very cumbersome approach to add content.

    All of the writers and editors at the corporation where I work are not pleased with this tool. They all say it is much more cumbersome way of delivering content. They are a bit peeved that it doubled the time to perform a simple task. Thankfully the ‘Classic Editor’ plugin got them back up to speed.

    The corporation I am working for is seriously thinking of moving to a new platform, just for this reason but also for other poor performance issues with WordPress. FYI, Drupal is also pushing a Gutenberg approach; see And Joomla developers are promoting their platform a viable alternative.

    I can’t help but wonder if there is a larger silent community who have just gone along with this cumbersome performance-killing approach to delivering content.


    Thanks, Bob. Maybe the developers will hear our voices and come to their senses …

    Completely support the concerns raised about block editor and the approach on it. Couldn’t believe how good word press was when I started using it, can’t believe block editor has been implemented to take it so quickly backwards.

    I would like to think the old editor will be supported indefinitely but that sounds unlikely to me. It looks awfully like the aim is to press on with this – and expect users to eventually adapt or leave as it is painfully slowly eased in.

    Reverse and take it in a better direction while implementing the beneficial aspects of block editor without throwing away the old would be a good plan in mho. A bit late now however. Maybe its just time to start looking elsewhere before this change is mandatory imho.

    At first I kind of liked the editor, but after two paragraphs I wanted to make a bullet list, HTF do I make a bullet list in that editor? It looks like I would have to create what I want to talk about then create a block with a list then create another block to continue to type. That should look wonderful.

    Am I missing something? Did we always have to install a text editor to use WordPress? I don’t remember this issue with my last blog. Oh well on to google and read and google until I find a use-able text editor. I am guessing the developers are not the blogging type because lists are super common regardless of what you are writing about

    I have little IT savvy, and zero coding capabilities. I am a 75-y-o writer and have learned to sort of use the block editor, by trial and error (lots of error!). The main issue I have is the only way I can make my posts to the Home Page look halfway presentable is to increase the size of the font in the edit process to Medium, which doesn’t look the best. I’m sure it’s a simply fix. It’s just I’m too dumb to figure it out. So, if there’s anyone out there who can help, I would be grateful. I’m unsure what the protocol is here, but if anyone needs my email or website, just ask.
    Thank you, in anticipation.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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