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  • I was quickly frustrated by this (highly praised) page builder plug-in!
    The reason is that Beaver Builder completely ignores the css-styles of the theme you’re working on. I was trying to create a front-page.php for my site, which uses the excellent Hueman theme. Now, Hueman has already a 3-column layout with a beautiful spacing of all elements.
    What Beaver Builder created was horrible: too wide a margins left and right (despite set to full width), too little margin between columns, a much larger line spacing of text, and (worse) a terribly rendered text – I assume it used the wrong font weight and font color setting ( = lighter)…

    If I create only one page for an existing site I want consistency = the same look I have on all other pages! This seems either impossible, or it would involve so much fiddling that I might as well do things ‘by hand’ in the first place.

    The reason for this is that BB creates its own LESS styles. See
    I can’t see any advantage in this – only disadvantages. My theme has beautiful styles, one reason I selected it. Their reasoning “If you’re using a CDN like CloudFront, static filenames like style.css will stay cached on their servers and take a while to reflect any changes that you’ve made. Using a unique ID creates a new cached file so your changes will show up instantly.” is b.s. in my eyes.
    a) I don’t intend to use a CDN. As travel blogger in far away countries I only experience these as negative (eg. CloudFlare often forces me to first verify ‘that I’m human’ by inserting a Captcha page).
    b) even if you have the Beaver Builder cached styles, as soon as you use some pages with the theme’s styles applied, the site needs these to load and display properly! So now you’re loading TWO styles instead of one…

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  • Plugin Author Justin Busa


    Hi @webbeetle,

    My apologies for the frustration but there does seem to be some confusion here. The Beaver Builder plugin is built to use your themes styles. We try to inherit as much of that as we can to not get in the way.

    The article you linked to about LESS is for the Beaver Builder theme that we sell on our website, not the plugin.

    I’d really appreciate you giving us time to help resolve the issue in the support forums before posting a 1 star review. It’s the holidays so we’re not as quick right now but someone should be able to respond soon.


    I had posted about it in support yesterday mid afternoon, I posted this mid morning today. In that time frame I didn’t receive a reply.
    In my particular situation (I’m a full-time overland travel blogger, moving all the time) I want to get this done before year’s end. I know for almost all of January I will be on the road – with no access to any WiFi! I tried to do it first via WAMP, but for some reason that’s running too slowly on my computer. It didn’t so last time I used it but I have no time to waste on trouble shooting it too.

    Finally: if BB would have used my theme’s styles correctly the result wouldn’t have looked so terrible. I took a screen capture, before I deleted BB, but unfortunately I can’t attach it here. Otherwise I could show you…

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    Happy new year.

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    Plugin Author Justin Busa


    Hi @webbeetle,

    Thanks for the follow up. I understand but also want to point out that receiving a reply for a free plugin on within 24 hours is actually quite fast. There are times that I never even receive a reply let alone that quick. So it is a bit of a bummer to receive a negative review without first being given a chance to solve the issue.

    If you want help figuring out the issue, the offer still stands. Just let me know on the original ticket.

    Happy New Year as well.


    Of all my 50 or so support questions more than half never received a single reply… So in the meantime I have pretty much given up hope to receive any answer, not to mention solution. My wife always say that I know too much and ask too detailed questions, and that most volunteers on WP only like to answer simple (or stupid) noob questions. Many plugin authors never reply to any question.

    Right now I’m not sure if I will give it another try. I almost feel that switching themes, probably to presscustomizr (by the same author as my current theme; I find Nicolas really amazing with his regular updates and support) might be almost the easier and quicker path to what I want.
    Right now I should be putting more energy into our site – I’m falling behind with regular blog work (new posts). And also with maintenance on our overland vehicle = our home. To get the Duplicator file, to work on WAMP, took 2 days alone as the WiFi where I’m staying was more down than up… We’re travelling in developing countries after all.

    But thanks for the offer – very appreciated!

    If I will take this further I’ll reply to the support thread.

    Is there a way to delete/adjust this review? To remain fair to you…

    Are you interested to see the screen capture alongside one from a ‘normal page’ on my theme?

    Plugin Author Justin Busa


    Hi @webbeetle,

    No problem, I totally understand how that goes. I don’t think lets you delete reviews, only adjust the star rating. Thanks for the offer though.

    If you have the screenshot I’d definitely be interested in seeing what was going on as it doesn’t sound right.

    Enjoy your travels.


    I think that, after some serious reconsideration, I might have found the reason for the problem:
    the main css-file of the Hueman theme is called main.css, not style or styles.css!

    I recall that Nicolas, the developer, mentioned this in one of the recent release notes. One reason was that the file is minified (but it’s beyond my understanding why it would need a different file name for this).

    Plugin Author Justin Busa


    Thanks for the update!

    Plugin Contributor RobbyMcCullough


    Hey, webbeetle! Sorry to open up this old review/issue, but we were hoping to follow up on your offer to adjust your review here.

    We’re making a push to improve our average rating here on WordPress, so if you would consider adjusting your review like you mentioned, we’d really appreciate it!

    Thanks again for working with us on this issue and for the offer. Hope to hear from you soon. 🙂

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