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  • I want to build a review blog, I want to have different categories, all being reviews for different product topics.

    The whole site will be a review site..

    What is my best option for this plugin?

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  • The best [link moderated] will definitely be the WP Review Engine with tons of features mentioned below.

    Support For Thumbnail Images & Affiliate Link URLs
    Add Custom Data To posts
    Comparison Tables In Any Theme
    Integration With Google Maps

    Don’t know how much I’d trust the recommendation from jimkrugal since he sent you to his affiliate site promoting WP Review Engine with no mention of it being his affiliate link.

    That said, it is a product that I have been thinking of purchasing.

    I have been using ReviewAZON which is a wp plugin that grabs reviews from on my [link moderated] blog. So far I like it but it only suits the needs for certain types of review sites and you are limited to promoting amazon products through it.

    I think if you are looking for free plugin gdstarrating will be best ( after a couple of release though). I was also looking for review plugin but wanted to use free one so all others like wpreviewsite etc. though nice weren’t used. Presently trying with GDSTarRating — abit complicated to use but still quite decently made

    I too am looking for a review plugin for the directory on [link moderated]. Ideally I would only want it to be part of my blog, not on every single post I make but perhaps I could have two blogs running side by side on the same domain. WP Review Engine seems to be the best so far, and I don’t mind paying but I want to make sure I’m not missing something better.

    I wanted to recommend you check out [link moderated]. I realize this post is a little old, but MyRP just destroys the competition in my opinion. If you want to use my affiliate link, [link moderated].

    I think the best ratings plugin is WFReview because it has star ratings and CSV import capabilities.

    The reason I’m saying its MyReviewPlugin is because its autoembedding is great for beginners, its Import Man kicks butt – importing CSV, YellowPages, RSS feeds, etc. and is way more configurable than WF Review’s and all that stuff.

    I’d also like to point out that cardmagic is the owner of WF Review.

    also, all the review plugins have “star ratings”. That’s the whole point.

    WFReview is also the only full featured plugin of its kind to offer a free, no hooks trial. With MyReviewPlugin you need to pay $90 before you even get to play with the plugin at all.

    Simply forget about WFReview and MyReview plugins, they don’t pay after all. The best review plugin is still GD Star Rating! And – it is free. I consider GD Star Rating an absolutely fair deal, even though now support costs money.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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