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  • After trying dozens of plugins, and getting thoroughly confused about the best way to integrate posts and comments, I have ended up with a system that doesn’t use any WP plugins. I’d like confirmation that what I’ve done is actually the best way, and an answer to one thing I haven’t resolved.

    I am using the facebook social comment plugin found on their developer site. I don’t understand why there are a dozen WP plugins that put this facebook social comment on your site when it can be done so easily without a plugin. Am I missing something?

    My blog posts are going to my facebook fan page and twitter using the facebook networked blogs feature. It uses the RSS feed and so is instantaneous. Again, there are dozens of plugins enable you to post to facebook, but is there an advantage over using facebooks native functions?

    The one thing I haven’t been able to do is to have a comment from facebook comment plugin in WP show up on my facebook fan page (where the post is being sent via RSS), and visa-versa. I know I’ll need a WP plugin for this, but everyone I try just seems to duplicate the functionality I already have. If anyone can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it. Beem going round in circles for too long…

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  • I don’t know if it is the best way, but I am not happy with any of the plugins I’ve tried. Many simply don’t work, or cause conflicts with other things, or trigger PHP warnings, or slow page load more than I like, or generate invalid HTML… So there is your confirmation, for what it is worth. I can’t help with the rest.

    Thanks for taking the time to post. Never thought about the page load speed. The plugins that push posts to FB certainly seem to be laggy in the time it takes for the posts to show up, depending on the FB server load. RSS is certainly fast, and page load time wise, must be the fastest way. I just don’t get why all the articles I’ve read end up recommending using a plugin, and I see very little about FB’s networked blogs feature. Made me wonder what it’s downside would be.

    s_ha_dum, what do you use?

    If anyone has seen a recent article that outlines the pros and cons of the various ways integration can or should be done, please let me know.

    I use the code provided by Facebook. It isn’t elegant or portable but I’ve trouble with every plugin I’ve tried and I haven’t found a plugin good enough or close enough to my needs that I’ve felt like cleaning it up.


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