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  • You can really use any of the SEO plugins out there – Joost de Valk’s one is pretty popular as is the All in one SEO pack. Your’e milage may vary, so find what works for you.

    You should remember though that an SEO plugin by itself will not improve your pagerank. An SEO plugin just facilitates presenting information to a search engine in an appropriate way for search engine consumption – for example find tuning your title tags or meta descriptions.

    SEO is really all about content, and I did have a look at your blog and it seems a lot of your posts of very minimal written content, you could probably spend some time making sure you write some nice easy to read content that will rank for the keywords you are targeting with that post. Be sure to make full use of excerpts and meta-fields.

    It really just takes a lot of practise and time to build up your blogs reputation. If you product good content that people want to read — even a badly coded site will rank — although not as well as it should.

    Maybe so. But what is the best setup for example Joost de Valk’s ?

    Yes i know that some of may post dont have match text. Can that be a problem whit the SEO plugin? Or whit a page rank ?

    I really think the choice of plugin is something that you would have to make yourself, it is personal preference at the end of the day. I personally like Joost’s one — but I am familiar with it which is probably why I do.

    As for copy, you do need to have some text for a search engine to index. Search engines create their indexes on a number of criteria including keyword density, and if you do not give them sufficient text to work with, they may have a hard time indexing your content correctly and that will impact how your content appears in the SERPs.

    I would suggest, as a rule of thumb, that you endeavour to have around 350 – 500 words minimum (more is better) in your content for the search engine to consume.

    Yes that is some very good points. I should think about that. But some time it can be hard to do some long post about stuff.

    Personally, I wouldn’t touch Yoast’s wordpress SEO plugin.
    I used it and followed the instructions to the letter and yet it still kept giving me hundreds of duplicate title tags and I am not the only one. Just google it and you will see.

    I have gone back to All in One SEO.

    This is just my personal opinion after having used it, everyone should make their own minds up.



    markyh2904 is right,
    but i found both useless in my case.
    both didn’t create meta description tags for my site.

    wondering which plugin to use?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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