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  • I’m full agree with you. Commercial version is Amazing, but if you not buy it via #BlueHost hosting. I will try explained: I am used this plugin many years for different client (free version) no any bugs, all works fine from WP repository, commercial- I did use if client wants more advanced options, and it works fine too, but with one of lates client we had mistake buy it via this hosting account… and it’s not impossible explain ;(

    Money spend from card, services not available by default (but I am remembered we did included it for future pronounce site), when I did ask support why not available for us, me answered like: not activated license, not installed on the server.. and bla bla… After it I did connect with support plugin owners, they answered fast: Yes, had issue, we fix license and hosting provider delivering it for you.

    it’s not finish…

    more 26 hours from first request about payed service not available, they answered like: Our high team works on it, will be delivery during 24-72 hours)))

    and it’s not finish too, we still wait, what??? I don’t know how possible explain it for client. Use free version and not recommending commercial if it provide any external company, even if love it and it’s fantastic solution. Because will meet with same situation one to one, and will wait on something….

    Plugin Support Jerlyn


    Thanks for your feedback!
    We are continuously working on improving our products and services. We understand there is room for improvement in different areas, including the integration with different companies, but rest assured, we are listening to your feedback, and we are doing our best to fill the areas where gaps are observed.

    But in our story, there was a happy ending… Wizard Taсo intervened in this matter.

    And everything was solved)))

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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