• We, a group of specialists, are developing the IT infrastructure of a new socio-economic formation, the basis of which is the knowledge economy.
    KNOWLEDGE is the Main processing elements (blocks of information) that need to be registered, verified and protected.
    It is also necessary to provide access to the open and closed parts of information about the processed Knowledge.
    Unfortunately, our attempts to create the required tool on our own did not lead to anything …
    When we found and tested this plugin, we as Archimedes said “Eureka!”
    We are grateful to the author of the Maymay plugin for his highly professional work.
    Moreover, thanks to the documentation for the plugin, we have solved several serious problems.
    For two years, the plugin has been working on our site and there have been no complaints about it.
    Since our project is non-profit, in spirit and essence, it is close to the Maymay author’s life principles, we look forward to working with him in the future.
    We put 5 stars.

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