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    This is exactly what I’ve been looking for, a simple plugin that would allow me to publish a list of our Seminar Presenters, and some basic information about them… without a lot of hassle.

    It is that and more: It is a much better “event listing” plugin than anything else out there.

    It was far easier (and faster) to set up than any other similar plugin I’ve tried. It had me feeling like it was my birthday and new presents keep coming in:

    I figured out how to change the titles before each bit of information… and remove them completely. Also how to change the size of the pictures by just typing a number.

    It was amazingly easy to use the Groups feature to organize information the way that makes the best sense for our purposes. Once I discovered I could move the groups around… and move the information fields from one group to another… I rearranged them so that we have the Seminar Instructor’s photo first, then info about the seminar, then info about the instructor. And changing the heading above each group was simply a matter of typing a new heading… or deleting the heading completely.

    I was thrilled to discover that Participant Database users don’t need to be signed up as users of the website. PDB functions independently. But he has an addon so you can consolidate them if you wish.

    The last thing I needed, I found the instructions a few minutes ago: How to only display Approved Instructors on the public list.

    And I did all of this without knowing how to write code. I love it.

    There are numerous “templates” to use to change how each feature is displayed: the list of participants, the individual page for each participant, etc. All you need to do is find the instructions in the help documents, enter the information they provide into the shortcode, and keep the one you like best.

    All without knowing anything about php or html or any other “computer” stuff. Lucky for me. 🙂

    I’m sure that website developers love this too, because it is simple and basic and easy for them to customize to suite their needs.

    I use a lot of plugins on our WordPress websites, and I’ve tried out hundreds over the last few years, and this is the best plugin ever.

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