• I’ve tried every system there is and watched page speed suffer every time. FastComments is insanely small and fast — shedding 300kb and 5 dependencies from the last plugin I was using.

    Run a GTMetrix before and after replacing your current comment system with FastComments and you’ll see.

    Reading the plugin’s author’s blog posts revealed he has put a lot of effort into the nuts and bolts under the hood for speed and stability.

    The comments are live and the moderation is easy. It looks great out of the box, but with a few CSS tweaks in the plugin dashboard, it looks even better.

    At <$5/mo for a million views for the paid-tier plan, it is underpriced for what it is, which is a blazing fast comment system that lives discretely within a theme. Easy migration/import/export for existing comments got it up and running in a few minutes.

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