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  • Wow just checked some previuos 1 star reviews and can’t believe it!

    Actually I can’t remember me when I’ve started using this plugin :), I think it was a few month after the first release.
    I understand why some people prefer AIOSEO above this plugin:
    WP SEO by Yoast has many options and you need to do configure it. I guess that is something what several people don’t understand or they doesn’t have the knowledge.

    Sure the plugin has sometimes a small bug right after an update, but these are solved within 1 or 2 days. If this is a risk and you’ve never heard about “testing”, you should wait a few days before upgrading.

    For all those comments here like

    “My website lost all the google rankings after I installed this plugin…”

    I know that this plugin doesn’t tweak or manipulate any website (maybe some WordPress code to get it working). This will say, while using this plugin, your SEO is according the rules from the webmaster guidelines published by Google.

    Maybe a website is dropped after installation, because of some nasty optimization done by the previous plugin? Or because your settings are just not complete?

    I’m 100% sure this plugin will help your website’s SEO or better you shouldn’t use WordPress without this SEO plugin.

    Thanks Joost and sorry for the late review 🙂

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  • First, tell your friend Yoast to set the paginated post duplication meta descriptions issue and ask around how many people have the same problem. Second, tell me why “only after” the installation of wp seo yoast plugin I have seen such a dramatic drop, and the installation was from the scratch, since I did not import anything from the previous. Third, tell me why “only after” I had removed wp seo yoast plugin my visitors are beginning to retun.

    I’m really happy that my competitors still have wp seo yoast plugin in their dashboard. You can’t imagine how happy I am.

    what’s wrong with the pagination feature?
    The plugin supports the rel/next/prev feature, like suggested by Google (it was btw. the first plugin that supports this feature, just a few days after the announcement by Google).

    What is in your opinion wrong here? (and please provide source of proof)

    About your second comment: If you change something in your website structure, it’s possible your rankings will change too…
    SEO is not something you can switch on or off, it’s hard work for years. A plugin is just a tool to make it easier 😉

    Can you provide the source of proof that your site would not have had more visitors without wp seo yeast plugin?

    Sorry, I can’t do this. My first site were I moved to WP SEO by Yoast was modified more than two years ago. In the meantime the site went up and down because of changes in Google’s algorythm.

    All other sites didn’t used a different SEO plugin.

    But believe me I know what I’m talking about, this plugin is good for every WP site, and yes maybe not for all site owners. Again a plugin is not a magic wand, it’s a tool.

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