• I am not sure what some of the users here have been doing but I have built with most Membership plugins and literally dozens using S2 Pro and I can tell you, bar none it is the best of all of them. Extremely powerful, anything you might want to do it can do.
    There is a strong S2 Member community forum with all the answers you might need, a pool of skilled developers and the S2 pro deal is the software deal of a lifetime. php scripting anyone!!
    Given the huge power and value of S2 Pro for literally almost peanuts it’s unrealistic to expect “on call support” but there is support, and really you won’t need it, the plugin is extremely well documented inside WordPress admin and there is all the information you might need in the free community website.

    The same developers do their own cache plugin works works perfectly with S2 pro called comet cache ( another excellent deal), I highly recommend you try it out, my thanks go to the S2 developers for their fine software

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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