• I have no idea why this plugin has just a few positive reviews. I have tested about a dozen lightbox plugins and this is by far the best one in terms of features and customizations. Here are a few of the positives:
    – the plugin properly figures out which images are bundled together in a gallery, unlike some other plugins which let you cycle through all images on the page
    – the plugin allows zooming, sharing, downloading images, etc
    – the plugin can replace the WP gallery with its own justified gallery
    – it is compatible with all kinds of plugins, such as WP GridBuilder, The Grid, etc.
    It is possible that some of the listed features above are available only in the premium version, but its price is just $20 on CodeCanyon, so it is worth buying it.

    The only issue I currently have is that unlike other plugins, images linked to their media files pop up in a lightbox with a resolution identical to the resolution they are set on the page, not the full resolution they exist in the library. Not sure if this is an issue on my website only or intended functionality which unfortunately cannot be changed.

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