• I’ve… I do not want to admit how much money I have spent on plugins for product customization. I do sculptures and products that offer variations in the color and style of coloration, and there’s a lot — currently over 50 colors and 8 styles. And things vary from product type to product type.

    Other plugins would only give me the option for one set type that wouldn’t work with other products. Or failed to give me the ability to upcharge. Or wouldn’t store all of my different colors and options and let things be calculated with integrated logic. Or didn’t let me customize easily with my own code.

    But this? This does it all. My complaints are minimal — some small features that would make setup faster are missing, like being able to copy a field over and over to different parameters. But that’s fine, I can deal with that inconvenience because it does everything else so very well. And the support is amazing.

    Trust me. I know you’re looking at 4 other tabs right now with customization systems on it.

    Just get this one.

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  • Plugin Author Maarten Belmans


    Wow, thanks for your amazing review! Love it!

    If you have other feature requests to minimize annoyances, be sure to send them through via email and we’ll put them on our to-do list if possible!

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