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  • I tested a dozen quizzes, and this one appeared to be the most suitable one for the purpose:

    • Easy to use
    • Various types of quizzes:
    • Image or text question
    • Image or text answers
    • Responsive
    • Clean design
    • Customizable
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  • Agreed. I tried a bunch of personality quiz plugins out there that would produce 2 or more personality (or profiles) after the quiz was completed, and this one is one of the few that works in the latest version of WordPress using Elementor Pro page builder.



    Thank you both for recommending ARI Stream! I installed it and agree that it is quite good, particularly with “buzzfeed” formatting selected, plus some tweaking of the scroll settings. Easy to read, and fast! However, @parhamm I am hoping you can help me with a problem I am having, because I noticed that you were looking for quizzes that offer more than one personality score, as that is my goal also. Sadly, I discovered that Ari Stream isn’t yet able to share more than one score (the top score) via email. Also, with Mailchimp integration, it is only able to subscribe people to a list, it is unable to give quiz takes a distinct tag or segment, which makes it impossible to both subscribe them to a newsletter and put them in a “drip” campaign based on their quiz status (like “has taken quiz” or what their score was on any personality). @parhamm, would you please share with me the names of the other plugins you discovered that can deliver 2 or more personality scores? So far I’ve only identified others that don’t offer this functionality. Thank you!



    Hey @bruce2b,

    Yes indeed I did try many different quiz plug-ins and each other major limitations. The biggest issue was yielding more than one personality result for the quiz taker. After scouring the Internet and plug-in sites I only found two or three including Ari Stream. The other one I found and actually purchased before ari stream quit working because the developer didn’t update the app so I abandon that one. That other one which was terrible and I can’t remember the name. Based on my research ARI STREAM was the only one I could find that was updated and maintained, compatible with elementor and showed more than one personality result. Unfortunately, in your experience, it seems that when the results are emailed that it only sends one of the personality results. I think this may be a good recommendation for the developer to see if they can find a fix along with addressing the mailchimp integration issue. Good luck. P



    Thanks @parhamm, I am very grateful to be the beneficiary of your diligent research.

    The “plugin no longer supported” problem is a serious issue! Probably good to discovered that fairly early, yes? (And once again, I benefit from your experience.) I was thinking already that Ari Soft looks strong on this issue (at least for now) as they appear to be in the business of creating and selling WordPress plugins, which hopefully means we can expect years of diligent updates.

    I spent some time trying to put together a feature request for their developers, good idea. They already have a number of “predefined variables” exposed to the user in Settings > Sharing, it appears, which for example allows you to echo a specific personality score within that personality’s description, so it seems like they should be able to handle the multi-dimensionality of including personality names and scores in social or email in some elegant way (like {{score.1}}, {{score.2}} or {{personality.score(1)}}, {{}} or some such).

    Meanwhile an Ari Stream competitor, Interact, provides a Mailchimp quiz integration example here: . The problem I see for more than 2 personalities is that there will be an arbitrary number of MERGE fields that have to be configured on both sides for personality names / scores, then associated within the Ari Stream UI somehow. Doesn’t look like a quick job!

    Happy trails,
    – b



    Oops—at risk of spamming the thread, I did eventually discover a way to both (1) add quiz takers to the general newsletter list aka “audience” in Mailchimp and (2) to start quiz-specific subscribers on a drip email campaign. In Mailchimp the way to do this is to create a segment in the newsletter audience (Audience > Segments) by “Signup Source” then select as a source API GENERIC, and then (and only then) will you see a list of API keys by label, including the key you had to create to integrate with ARI Stream. Having created this quiz-specific segment you can now trigger a series of emails just for quiz takers when they first subscribe by creating a welcome message then modifying the trigger to limit it to the quiz segment. Not very intuitive, but it should work. -b

    Hey Bruce, thanks for your comments. Really useful. Did you ever find a way (or a quiz) which can store the quiz results into mailchimp? Into custom fields?

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