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  • Granted, this classification is largely based on personal opinion, but after three host transfers in as many years, I am acknowledging my ignorance and supplicating the experts: the WP crowd. After all, my primary purpose in maintaining an online presence is to journal; and what better tool than WordPress?

    What host offers MySQL, PHP, cPanel, plenty of space/bandwidth and a good reputation for the tightwad cost of under $10/mo. without sacrificing support and up-time? Does such a host exist? And could it take the form of a small orange?

    -Desperately Searching

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  • If was a paid service, considering fast and polite surrport ticket answers. I like their Cpanel. Simple and self-explanitory. I would probably stay with them. However, I am new to the blogging world of WP. Seeing how other members have been here years and seem to know almost all the answer they have the time + experience factor. I would probably consider their choose too.

    The ones I like so far:

    Of cousre, I am a college student & artist, if I every have money to pay for hosting.

    Are you kidding!!! I’m not going to tell you who the best host is! Then you’ll come use my host and drive up demand for resources!

    Just kidding… 🙂 I use and am pleased. Support forums are good. Service is excellent. Help desk is weak. No phone support. Price is right – $8/month for a reseller account that hosts all of my domains.

    I use VistaPages for my WordPress account. They have been great.

    Im very interested on moving to LinkSky (right now im at godaddy and because of some problem with 302 HTTP header im going to move to another host), but i have a question first to anyone who’s already using LinkSky (because there’s no way i can call the customer support and if im using email im pretty sure they’ll reply it when its already midnight in my country) :

    – Is there any hidden fees ?
    – Is it true that they give you an unmetered bandwidth ?
    – Is it true there’s no setup fee and you can pay monthly ? (because most of the wordpress recomended hosting use setup fee which is expensive although i can pay the monthly fee)
    – Can i host multiple domain in basic hosting plan ?

    thanks in advance

    All the answers are there:
    (and no, they don’t lie: what is there it’s true!)

    I’ve been using Hostgator and G1VPS for my hostingneeds. They both serve me well. Good luck finding a new host! For more comments check out

    thanks alot moshu for your answers, and i just registered with them and still waiting for their email confirmation or other email related stuff from them 🙂

    I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has added their two cents to this thread. Although I’m reasonably happy with the level of service I receive from my current host, for a while now I’ve felt that I’m not receiving all the services I should for my measly ten bucks a month—and sure enough, when I checked some of the links posted here, I learned that I could be getting quite a bit more for the same amount. My current host has clearly not kept up with the times. Perhaps I’ll be moving up the road when my annual renewal bill comes due…

    I have used both BlueHost and AN Hosting. AN Hosting does not provide keyword statistics in their Webalyzer or their raw logs. If you need any kind of metric to find out how people are reaching pages on your site, AN Hosting may be the worst host I’ve seen in the last 5 years. No idea why it’s recommended by WordPress.

    Don’t go around and post your opinion in all the 96,000 posts that come up for a search for “host”… unless you want to be kicked out.

    Only posted on the 3 threads that specifically mentioned AN Hosting Sorry about the cross-posting and will keep subsequent discussion here for substantive responses to my observation.

    I just thought the issue of keywords was significant enough that those investigating that host should be forewarned. It’s analogous to not merely not having an oil dipstick for one’s car, but having the dipstick hole fused shut by the dealer so that it’s impossible to ever determine oil levels.

    But maybe it handles WordPress just fine.

    The caveats stand on their own merit.

    I currently have two sites, one is hosted by and the other is on a private server.

    Cedant is ok, has C Panel, not too expensive, MySQL, etc. I’m thinking of switching, though, because they only allow one MySQL database. This thread has been very helpful, thanks everyone!

    I also started podcasting in 2005 so server size and bandwidth are very important to me.

    Since I want to move my podcasting site from a private server, hosted at my school (where it doesn’t matter how much bandwidth I use) to a hosting service, I want to know how much bandwidth I currently use. Can anyone recommend an application for this?

    Currently I am looking at (the price, space and bandwidth are right!) although I don’t know too many people that use it.

    thanks again!

    Re the list, unfortunately, it looks like youve not made any real comparisons about the differences between merely hosting plain ole websites and hosting mysql/php driven sites.

    A good deal of the hosts on that list are “repeat offenders” as far as not making it easy to install wordpress.

    site5 have just launched a new deal which is on the edge of crazy! $5 a month for everything! Just FYI

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Viewing 15 replies - 46 through 60 (of 61 total)
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