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  • Granted, this classification is largely based on personal opinion, but after three host transfers in as many years, I am acknowledging my ignorance and supplicating the experts: the WP crowd. After all, my primary purpose in maintaining an online presence is to journal; and what better tool than WordPress?

    What host offers MySQL, PHP, cPanel, plenty of space/bandwidth and a good reputation for the tightwad cost of under $10/mo. without sacrificing support and up-time? Does such a host exist? And could it take the form of a small orange?

    -Desperately Searching

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  • well i listened to the postings and signed up with a small orange, liked the 30.00 for 1 yr plan. set up my wordpress with no problems, and like them so much i signed up for a second site, and now im in the process of moving all my sites to them! thanks for the props. I still need a resellers account, being an artist i have a lot of image files to host and i mean a lot, and i dont like those phto album places. so i will go back through the threads again and see whats recommended, thanks for this thread its sooo needed.!

    Dreamhost is a really good hosting. Util you get some emails telling you that you are using too much server resources and you´ll be moved to a evaluation server.

    If you are planning to host only one site/blog with 5k~10~uniques a day, dreamhost IS an option. They have money back garantee, so I think you should try yourself.

    Now I´m on LiquidWeb VPS and I can the both of them are reaaly good.

    Just my 2 cents.

    Just because somebody asked “what about GoDaddy” – Answer:

    GoDaddy sucks for hosting. Good for domain registration, bad for hosting.

    I had them before I switched to Websitesource. I have an okay relationship with Website source (I’m hosting 5 sites there now) – but would not recommend them because my site has outages related to their mysql server going bonkers due to high loads sometimes…

    Lunarpages hands down!


    I am the person who was asking about GoDaddy. They set up my domain name in about five minutes and it was an excellent service; I haven’t tried them for hosting. I am starting with one domain, then plan to increase to two or three. I don’t need a lot of graphics at first since I’m a writer, but I do plan to have sound files. Any suggestions for a host?

    inthetext, have a look at 1&1, site5, Lunarpages. GoDaddy is the best when it comes to strictly registering domains.

    Personally, I really love Dreamhost. I signed up with them in August and they have been absolutely flawless to date.

    A lot of people have referrer codes since you get up to $97.00 for every person you refer to dreamhost; technically, they can cut you up to a $97.00 deal on a hosting package, but then they make no money on your referral.

    Since you’re a WP user, if you want a month of Dreamhost at something like $22, e-mail me at and I’ll hand you my referrer code to get the full $97.00 off. I don’t really care if I make money on my referrals; I think Dreamhost is pretty supportive of WordPress and therefore like moving people to the service.

    That said, I’ve really liked TextDrive and MediaTemple as well, but they’re both increasingly pricey.

    Someone mentioned and I just wanted to relate that I spent a good 30 minutes on the phone with their customer support department as I asked questions. I was treated well, every question was answered knowledgably, and they were very patient.

    I also spoke to reps at Bluehost and Site5. At Bluehost, they tried to rush me off the phone as soon as they realized I was just doing research for a host. When I asked about nightly backups, the woman I was speaking to actually said, “I don’t know if we do that.”

    At Site5, speaking to the rep was a similar experience as to LinkSky. Very helpful and knowledgable. Definately patient.

    So it seems my decision will be between LinkSky and Site5.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    LinkSky 🙂

    Okay, have to once again stand up for the hosting company that I’ve been using for NINE YEARS without trouble…


    In nine years, I had one, 30-minute downtime and it was due to server upgrading. (mind you, I currently have or work with over 40 sites hosted with GoDaddy) I know, they should’ve taken precautions whatever… it was 30 minutes. No big deal when you span it over 4717440 minutes in nine years.

    The biggest issue with GoDaddy and wordpress is that people assume for some reason they “should/need/want” a windows server. Linux servers will fare you far better in any event, regardless of who the hosting company is – let’s please keep this in mind.

    But in just about every single support issue I’ve seen on these forums, relating to GoDaddy – it was MORESO related to windows hosting.

    GoDaddy is fantastic – 24 hr tech support, and if the person on the phone doesn’t know what’s going on, they find out and call you back immediately. (Let’s not forget folks that their job is NOT to fix your script or your code – they are HOSTING support.)

    Please, save yourself some money (currently less than $5.70/mo if you purchase 24 months or more, possibly even less than $4 if you choose the “economy w/php” plan) and give it a shot. Even if you go monthly (which I don’t recommend ANYWAY) – it’s still only $6.95/month (and YES there is an option to do that!)

    I’m going to put in a vote for two hosts I’ve used for clients (and myself) over the last few years – they are small businesses but they are excellent with not a single complaint from anyone I’ve ever referred to them:

    RTS Hosting (which was bought out last year by a larger company, still no problems whatsoever)

    Premium Web Design and Hosting

    I use the latter, myself. They cost a little bit more (my package – which is mid-level – is around $40 per quarter), but it’s been *totally* worth it – I’ve never once considered leaving them since I started up with them over 7 years ago.


    Honestly is the answer, i am running my 20 wordpress websites on it with $10.99 with 75GB space and 1000GB bandwidth and i can host unlimited domains in one package.


    Rackspace – UK branch – no idea on the American crowd with the same name. Best support i have ever recieved !

    As I recall, while GoDaddy allows .htaccess files, it does not provide mod_rewrite support, which us needed for WordPress’ “prettified URLs”.

    cpanel? just a little info. I would never use cpanel. I would only choose hosting with someone who offer a chrooted environment. With that, you’re given your own isolated section of the server. Without it, other customers can see files of yours, and if you’ve given write permission to guests (chmod 777), guess what they can do to your files and folders?

    unless cpanel has changed recently (I haven’t honestly looked at it a while) I won’t touch it. it might look cool, and be easy to use, but in my opinion, it’s fundamentally flawed from a security perspective.

    I would welcome the news that cpanel now offers a chrooted environment for virtual accounts, and which version does that. Anyone?

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