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  • Granted, this classification is largely based on personal opinion, but after three host transfers in as many years, I am acknowledging my ignorance and supplicating the experts: the WP crowd. After all, my primary purpose in maintaining an online presence is to journal; and what better tool than WordPress?

    What host offers MySQL, PHP, cPanel, plenty of space/bandwidth and a good reputation for the tightwad cost of under $10/mo. without sacrificing support and up-time? Does such a host exist? And could it take the form of a small orange?

    -Desperately Searching

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  • If you go with dreamhost use the promo code BATTY it gives you a 50$ discount. I’ve been with them for a year and I’m happy enough. WP is available as a 1 click install, and recently they added a one click upgrade too (Which is nice since I really hate upgrading scripts on my sites).

    I’ll third the vote for 🙂

    mtanner, there’s always a problem eventually. Sometimes of their making, sometimes of yours, but eventually, something breaks.

    I’ve had bad enough experiences with both Lunarpages and Powweb that I actively discourage people from using them. Dreamhost isn’t perfect, but I’ve been quite happy there. Giving me the tools to chase down my own problems instead of making me wait until they get around to it goes a long way toward keeping me happy. 🙂

    I have dealing with a lot of hosting companies, but the ones that i really hate are the ones who try and take my money misleading me and then charging my bank card hidden fees.

    I resently signed up with 3 new hosting companies to get my wordpress up and running on my own website,. i picked 3 that recommend I picked yahoo, who are simply the best to me over all, and with each host they offered a package for 7-8 dollars per month which sounded reasonable to me. 2 of the host not only have great cpanel control features and are just what they advertise to be and i am very happy with them.

    the third one has turned into a nightmare, first of all they advertise that the hosting plan is 7.95 per month so i signed up, using my credit card, i always print everything cause its new and im using my credit card duh… anyhoo at the end of the deal they say you get a month free, but what they dont tell you is that they are not actually charging you 7.95 per month but they are in fact charging you for a whole year which comes right under 100.00 so again i didnt see the hidden cost and they dont tell you, they mislead you into thinking you are paying 7.95 and that that first 7,95 is free. so when the invoice prints out at the end of the transatiction it says you owe 0.00 nothing.

    then the next day when i check my back account it shows they have waved 7.95 and yet they have charged my account 95.00!! so now i am totally on fire and livit because they took money from my account that i did not tell them to take. so i write them and tell them they are misleading people into thinking they are only spending 7.95 per month, and ask them to put the money back in my account and cancel my hosting package or I will file a fraud charge with my bank against them. This is still day 2. mind you.. They write back…and i quote:

    “Hi there,

    Surely this isn’t the case, we very clearly state this both on the order form, and the confirmation of the order form (still, before you are signing up). The total is clearly displayed to you before any money is taken from your account, and this method of billing is a standard.

    I’m sorry you found this to be misleading, but i would recommend carefully selecting your host, as this method of billing is the standard in web hosting.
    Best of luck to you.”


    lier lier pants on fire, all hosting are not like you, most do what they say they do, the other 2 advertise 7.95 per month and that is what they took from my account, nothing less and nothing more.

    so today if my money is not back in my account i am filing a fraud charge and i am going to post the name of the hosting company now so no one else uses them without knowing they have hidden fee charges.

    They are called AN Hosting

    I would HIGHLY recommend site5.

    I use them for all my sites. As long as you have domains (anywhere) you can have unlimited FULL accounts for one fee of about $16 a month. This includes an amazing control panel based on cpanel, and, well, I wont go on but its the best I ever had. I used to be with Omnis but now I am with these guys.

    I currently run all my sites with site5

    I could go on.

    Read their feature page for the low down. 🙂

    i am not happy with i am also NOT happy with,, nor i find that small orange is overpriced with their tiny amount of webspace.

    i am VERY HAPPY with

    It appears to me that doesn’t believe in customer service. I had a bad experience. Secondly the site sucks.

    I offer hosting via cpanel at $10/month. I keep a limited # of customers so that I can offer good support. I normally work through resellers and web designers, but occasionally track down Joe Public.

    Feel free to contact me via email, mrcpu at mathisen dot org

    I really like Very affordable (free!), full of features, and great timely support via email. I currently run on a iHostFree account and have been there for over a year now.




    sbatlan – Sorry to hear about that… I can see you point, it DOES say “Monthly cost”….. but what you DON’T see… it at the bottom… in grey (on white I might add)… this following itty, bitty fine print (I’d hardly call it clearly though): “Please note that prices advertised are discounted for an annual term.”

    And yet the site does say “Monthly Cost $7.95/month”
    Nothing about annual or anything….

    I’d call it suspect and questionable. Might be worth submitting to the Better Business Bureau. But I don’t know if they have any sway over such things.


    -ps: I’d have made the same assumption as you “Eight bucks a month? Heck!”…

    I have a reseller account with with WHP/CPanel/Apache.
    This lets me host all of my different domains, mail servers, etc.
    I have twelve domains plus space for my father and brother’s domains.
    Very good prices. Excellent online support and forum.
    No phone support but I’ve lived without that for about ten years.
    I installed WP1.5 and then later WP2 on to several of my accounts.
    I’m very pleased with them. I have been using VON for three years.
    Previously I had four other web hosts over the previous 14 years.
    -Walter (Blogger) (WordPress2)

    How about GoDaddy?

    If you’ve got more money to spend, I heartily recommend Servint’s VPS. They’re incredibly helpful and have saved my bacon loads of times I’ve managed to do something really daft. The service is great and you get email, forum and telephone support.

    I would recommend you head over to places like or and look at reviews.

    Site5 is a good rec, Servint is more then the typical sharedhosting person need, textdrive has good review. and are this months winners.

    If you want to host multiple websites with excellent support I recommend

    I don’t think you can find anything better than Invision.
    I have been with them for years, and you couldn’t pay me to move. With the hosting package, you get a free forum. I don’t use it, but it’s there if I want it. Their forum software is excellent and they have wonderful support.

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