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  • Granted, this classification is largely based on personal opinion, but after three host transfers in as many years, I am acknowledging my ignorance and supplicating the experts: the WP crowd. After all, my primary purpose in maintaining an online presence is to journal; and what better tool than WordPress?

    What host offers MySQL, PHP, cPanel, plenty of space/bandwidth and a good reputation for the tightwad cost of under $10/mo. without sacrificing support and up-time? Does such a host exist? And could it take the form of a small orange?

    -Desperately Searching

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  • Check out Bluehost

    BlueHost was actually first in my latest round-up of options, but I have since read allegations of poor customer service. Now, these may be simply the perspective of specific users, or infrequent occurences from an otherwise supportive staff; but can I be sure? I do not want to repeat the past—for a fourth time. Pity hosts don’t offer hassle-free trial runs…

    Dreamhost all the way, baby!

    I am not impressed with DreamHost’s control panel, and, fairly-basic user that I am, the usability of this hosting feature is important to me—which is why cPanel is preferred.

    I use Lunarpages ( I’ve never been anything but happy with the service they’ve provided me. It sure as hell beats running a server in my closet off a cable internet connection.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    LaughingSquid (from the hosting page)

    The above I don’t recall any complaints about here.
    The others ? Yes, they have had their share. best so far for me…

    I hate dreamhost.. they drove me up the wall.. 🙂

    What about

    They have given me great customer service. – almost five years with them. Cheap, reliable, fast answers for support questions.

    I have a reseller account with Site5 ( I have been more than impressed and would recommend them to anybody.

    I have used one of the hosts mentioned in one of the above posts and have had VERY negative experiences with them.

    Thanks for this list, I’m looking to escape because I’m starting to get into podcasting and videocasting and it seems like they are down almost every other day. From the replies, I see people are basing a lot of their decision for a webhost on the customer service. I think with a good web host you shouldn’t need to speak with customer service, as that indicates that there is a problem. A Small Orange sounds good to me does anyone have a referral name they’d like me to mention when I sign up?

    Yes, A Small Orange is the answer. Make sure you check out their lifetime plans as well for extra value.

    I’m very happy on Textdrive.

    I’ll second Site5 for features balanced with cost. There might be other better sites out there for comparable money, but I searched for the better part of a year (and tried a few), and while I’ve got many months ahead of me before I can give a real ‘review’, I’m happy so far.

    It is hard to find good features, support, and reasonable costs, all in one. Usually something suffers… the support (or web control panel) ends up lacking, or the bandwidth and cpu are heavily oversold, or they don’t have enough support staff who really know what they’re doing. (Or even worse, they have enough staff who know what they’re doing, and so paranoid that they’ll never install anything new!)


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 61 total)
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