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  • Some years ago I used Joomla CMS system with the best document management extension: DocMan created by JoomlaTools.
    Switching to WordPress I have tried many document management plugins and I have to admit, the best one is Delightful Downloads created by A5hleyRich!

    I have some questions and development proposals to let this plugin the absolute best on the market:

    Clicking on All downloads button I miss the filterable category combo box. We use 3-4 thousand documents on our portal, and it is a bit complicated to list downloadable files from one category: first I have to filter some character from the document name, then click its category to filter.

    2.) Add Download button
    a) I think that this text (Add Download button) is not included in the translatable .pot file
    b) In the insert download window I miss the category and the name filter too.
    c) I think a quick upload function would be useful to upload a file to a selected document category and insert link into post sor pages in one step.
    d) Another useful function would be (or a payable addon) the customizable insert list button.
    (I have subscribed to your mailing list)

    Pushing ENTER between [ddownload id=”..”] code blocks, there is no line break int he output, the links or buttons are next to each other.

    Replace file: It would be a useful option to phisically delete the previous file from upload directory.

    Is there an option to list and delete the uploaded and not linked phisical files? (orphan files)

    There is an option in settings / media library: put images in Year/Month subfolders. This option is inherited in Delightful Downloads plugin. It would be better to set this option seperated in media library photos and in your plugins setting window. I think the subfolders is useful in Media Manager, but we dont want to use it with uploaded documents.

    Is it possible, that when uploading files with extended latin characters (öüóőúéáűí) in the file names, the upload process changes this alphabets to standard (ouea) characters?

    Thanks for your answer in advance!

    Tibor from Hungary

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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